Perfume's "Spice" previewed on TV

Perfume's upcoming it's-so-gonna-be-a-f**king-smash single "Spice" will feature as the theme song to the Winter 2011 J-drama Sengyou shufu tantei ~ Watashi wa shadow. This alone is going to have me watch the shit out of this drama. I can't stand Fukada Kyoko. But I love me some perfume. And Naohitio Fujiki stars in this. And that dude is too good looking to have his drama's be overlooked. The amazingness that is "Spice" kicks in nearer the end.

"Spice" will shut my life down. Of this I have no doubt. Yasutaka had these bitch snort 80's crack and made them run with it. In heels!!


  1. Check this out and have your mind blown:


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