Single art: Katy Perry - The one that got away

Katy Perry - The one that got away | Single art

Katy Perry has already managed to tie a record of Michael Jackson's and not many artists could say the same. In fact, very few could. So the bitch probably doesn't care what the hell happens to her Teenage dream single releases now. Although, if I were in her or her label's shoes and like...still f**king cared about the hits, I would have gone for "Hummingbird heartbeat" as a sixth single. It has the obvious hit potential of all of her Teenage dream singles so far. And the hot 80's bounce could even potentially cross over to R&B radio. Plus, it would help Tricky Stewart get more production gigs. That n***a's been quiet on the scene ever since tanking Christina, Mariah and Ciara's last albums.

Album review: Katy Perry lives out her Teenage dream


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