Yamapi and Ryo leave NewS. Japan implodes.

Yamapi and Ryo leave NewS. #OMFG | NewS news

Johnny fans may wanna grab a tissue and clutch their limited edition of "Teppen". Two members of NewS have left the group. And it gets worse. The 2 members are Yamashita Tomohisa and Ryo Nishkido. Oh lawd.

As 2 of the most popular members of the group and the most active outside of NewS, this isn't too much of a surprise. But their popularity being the main driving forces behind NewS puts the remaining members in a bit of a pickle - because I really do not think they have enough between them to carry the group. Yamapi and Ryo were far from the best singers and dancers in the group, but they had the most star / celebrity drawing power of them all.

Ryo Nishkiro will continue as a member of Kanjani 8, citing his reason for leaving NewS that being in 2 groups simultaneously causes too many scheduling conflicts. And Yamashita will go it alone as a solo artist. I wish him all the luck in the world. Because he does not have enough going on to hold a sustainable music career. The guy can barely dance, he sings like a Locust war horn and has the musical charisma of a 5 yen coin. I just can't. He needs to stay on the J-drama acting, because this is where I feel he shines and seems most at ease. His stint as Akira in Nobuta wo produce still kills me. And that body in Buzzer beat. Dead.


  1. yamapi is the best dancer in NEWS, and a much better singer than koyama and shige, who's voice just sounds like a cat drowning in most of their songs. just because you're upset over them leaving doesn't mean you have to insult him.


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