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Perfume are set to release their long awaited third studio album on November 30, which is sure to soar to the top of the Oricon charts for the holiday's - being one of the most high profile album releases between now and the end of the year. A hat trick of number 1 albums is almost guaranteed at this point.

The album title is absolute doo-doo and so are the covers. That special edition cover is an eye sore. Perfume's single covers have been so on point, that it's baffling as to how the album cover got the rawest deal. All of the promo shots for JPN were hot too.

    Regular edition [CD]
    1. The opening
    2. Laser beam (Album mix) | レーザービーム
    3. Glitter (Album mix)
    4. Natural ni koishite | ナチュラルに恋して
    5. My color
    6. Toki no hari | 時の針
    7. Nee | ね
    8. Kasuka na kaori | 微かなカオ
    9. 575
    10. Voice
    11. Koi no sports | 時の針
    12. Have a stroll
    13. Fushizen na girl | 不自然なガール
    14. Spice | スパイス
      Limited edition [DVD]
      1. Spice (Music video)
      2. Natural ni koishite | ナチュラルに恋して (Music video)
      3. Laser beam | レーザービーム (Music video)
      4. Kasuka na kaori | 微かなカオ (Music video)
      5. Kasuka na kaori | 微かなカオ (Music video - TV version)
      6. Fushizen na girl | 不自然なガール / Natural ni koishite | ナチュラルに恋して (TV spot)
      7. VOICE (TV spot)
      8. Nee (TV spot)
      9. Laser Beam (TV spot)
      10. Spice (TV spot)

    Oddly, "Spice" and "Glitter" will not have their videos feature on the Limited edition of JPN. No idea why. But what I do know is that Ayumi Hamasaki and Kumi Koda would not let a music video of theirs slip through the cracks and miss a Limited edition release. Tokuma communications need to act right.

    Perfume have had an amazing run of singles this year over the course of 2011 and the tail end of 2010. And with a JPN tour set to kick off in January, Perfume will be owning Japan. Well...until Hikaru Utada decides to come out of hiding and Ayumi Hamasaki drops a quadruple A-side. But for a trio of girls who sound like vocaloid software and never EVER sing live, they've not done too badly for themselves.


    ThatBoyLuke said…
    I love them soooooo muchhhhhh >_< I actually like the special edition cover but the regular cover is bunk... "Game" had the best album covers. *plays "Spice"*
    Anonymous said…
    Glitter's PV is part of the Spice limited single, so maybe it's a marketing thing.
    Anonymous said…
    "absolute doo-doo"

    bless you! lol