Music video: Beyoncé - Dance for you

The amazonian android empress from the kingdom of lost wigs and stolen songs has dropped yet another video, in which she looks like a $12 ho and dances for some white man. It'd be easy to mistake this for a video from the I am...Sasha Fierce era given that it's in black and white and has her popping her pussy and whipping her wig alongside a couple of other dancers. But this is from 4. And it's clear this was shot before her pregnancy began to show and have her look an estrogen bloated mess. With all of these videos being shot before she fell pregnant, I'm wondering how she even found the time to let Jay-Z impregnate her. He probabaly Fed ex'd her his binary sperm on a USB.

This video is nothing special and I HATE the song. It sounds like a Basic instinct left over and it probabaly was. There is NOTHING sexy about what Beyoncé is singing in this song because it feels so contrived and forced. Beyoncé is not one of those singers who is able to sell a song about freaky deaky convingciny. She needs to stick to songs about hoes running worlds and scraaming over beats about how good she looks in her Dereon jeans - which will probabaly rip and fall to pieces before the even drops to touch the toes (Tina's stitch game is not strong).


Dominique said…
lol! love it J! More 'west' posts i feel, I love them! :)
Anonymous said…
Lol. It's clear that you don't like Beyonce. You never write anything positive about her. So why bother reviewing her ish?

It is very reminiscent of the "Sasha Fierce" era, and the video was meant to be a fan special for her DVD coming out. Chillax.
Anonymous said…
^lol. you clearly don't read this site regularly. J is a Bey fan, he just keeps it 100. always.