Music video: BoA - Milestone

This song did as much for me as an ant on a windowsill. Which in itself would have made for a more interesting video than this wrist slit fest.

BoA was rolling in the back of that taxi and squatting on the rooftop of that building like she was considering death. The poor girl probabaly was at the realizaion of the floodgates she's opened by releasing a new single via Avex. We all remember how this label sucked the passion out of BoA. Avex couldn't have sucked it out any harder if they'd had a Dementor and his death eating homeboys suck on her vagina.

BoA looked nice in this video. During the rare moments where she didn't look like she wanted to kill herself. 1:10 is where the hottness is at.

It was nice for Crystal to let BoA borrow her terminated Epic records contract for the final scene of the video too. That right there is some friendship.


  1. lmao #shade thrown towards crystal. This song bores me. She couldn't have come better than this for her "comeback"?

  2. I want Hurricane Venus part deux!

  3. the song is really boring and i already forgot what the video was about i just watched.
    sorry girl, no comeback this time for you


    this! i want the fierce boa from 'game' and the leg squatting bitch from 'copy & paste' who puts hoes in place.


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