Music video: Crystal Kay - Superman

Music video: Crystal Kay - Superman | Random J Pop

I'm all about the throwback Janet Jackson that this song and video stinks of. Crystal's look in the cut off jeans and wife beater with the curly hair is everything. I don't know what the stylist was thinking with some of those cheap ass wigs and the gold bacofoil though. They need to save that shit for BeyoncĂ©.

Crystal stans came for my life and wanted blood after I cussed out her dancing. I'll put the footnotes of Crystal being as stiff as a signpost aside for now and say that her Rino Nakasone routine in "Superman" was one of her tightest. She seemed at ease with the routine and was gettin' it in with the moves.

It's nice to see her come into her own and also begin to embrace her femininity and sexuality a tad more where her appearance is concerned. Although one took note of how shots of Crystal working the booty shorts were kept to a minimum. Possibly because of her pork katsu vagina. Because that shit did not look normal and looked like it was yeast infected.

This video looked like it shot on that bubble economy package deal budget. Which means it's as good (bad) as all of Crystal's other videos. The chick needs to write a 2005 Ayumi Hamasaki cheque for this shit. I need to see the flyest styles, sets and lighting for just one video. ONE! It's all I need from CK. Loving the song though. Even though Christmas is as much of a deal in Japan as corner shops in the London, the festive vibe of the song is bound to resonate for the holiday season and become the most heavily played song in every Gap and Zara store up and down Japan.


Bryan said…
hallelu @J seeing the error of his ways when it comes to ck's moves! i love this lil dance so much it's been on repeat since it was posted. i need her to release a dance version so i can learn the choreo.

CK's newest stan says "GO CRYSTAL!!!"
Frederick said…
Bout to rip this song to my iPod while I wait for the CD Single to drop. The video was a fun present, but not something I'll replay often.

Now, where are those Happy Feet songs?
Melvin R said…
I love Crystal Kay and I stan for her, but this video was crap. It looked as though it was shot on a Beyonce music video budget. Whoever directed/ produced this shit should be fired immediately. There was too much going on, and there were too many looks for her. It could have been so much better if all the shots with her wearing horrendous wigs were omitted. They should have stuck more with the shots of her walking in the rain because she looked classy, and as if she was actually a celebrity and not some cheap 2 dollar hoe. Also, she looked her best rocking the curly hair, jeans and wife beater. I was getting Janet "All for You" vibes. I really couldn't believe they scrunched up some cheap as gold foil and stuck it on the wall. Talk about ghetto.

In her defense I think universal is playing it safe for now, but not giving her a large budget to produce a lavish and extravagant video; if she flops( which she has been doing lately) it will be a huge loss for them; however, I do feel that they believe she can do well with how much they're promoting her.
Anonymous said…
Yea i agree, they should post more shots of her walking in the rain and whilst sitting in a black car, it looks chique and very professional-like. She looks more of an idol that way too.
J Shinoske said…
I have to say as a long time Crystal stan myself, I really enjoyed the video. Now I am not so blind that I don't realize how bad those cheap wigs and Beyonce / Fifth Element outfits looked, but I will say that the combination of Crystal's energy and the pure molten hot fire that is this song saved it for me. Crystal looked like she was genuinely having fun and her dancing didn't look like she was counting steps in her head Ala "Candy" or "Girl's Night".

I can't wait for this album to drop. I still have my shotgun and my pimp hand on standby if this record label doesn't treat my girl Kuri right. Thank you Random J for giving me my Crystal fix. I only hate myself for not seeing this the day you posted it.

P.S. The pork katsu vagina line cracks me up every time. Crystal is just padding the goodies to keep them fresh for marriage. Koda Kumi could take a lesson from her on how to not give it all away for free before someone decides to buy it.
Anonymous said…
Hey J! I enjoyed the song very much. It rocks. However the dancing was horrible. I can do that routine w/my eyes closed. Lol & I'm NOT a professional dancer either. The PV looked cheap as hell. It seemed as though, it was shot w/an Iphone. I wish there was more finances put into creating the scenery & costumes though. Kinda dissapointing on tht end. But overall, it was cute & re-freshing seeing Crystal Kay *Kuri* Williams perform again. Its been so long since she's had a hit. I'm glad her single is doing well on the Oricon charts. Hope her next single does even better. I'm a semi fan w/3 of her past albums hehe. I say *semi* cuz my attitude changes per week lol. Hoping this single will be just as gud if not great. CK still needs tips on her dancing though. How can someone tht cute & who can sing so well, dance so dead? She's just as bad as Amerie *sides eye* da "1 Thing" music video. Anyhow lookn forward to more songs/PVs from her. I always luv ur commentary lol; & CK fans are just as indenial as King B fans, when it comes to their flaws. They need a life. Too much time on their hands is NOT gud!!!!!!!!
Beruda said…
I don't think UMJ was trying to make a cheap looking video. I think whoever put this together was going for a certain look that didn't come across very well. There was lot going on, some of which could've been cut out. I thought she looked so cute in the pink wig and ok in the white. The only one I didn't like was the wht and blk I think it was anyway. It was to harsh. Those corals and pinks are her colors they make her skin glow (damn her). Of course she looked fab in the rain sequences (damn her again) but we're used to seeing her that way, very sophisticated and elegant. I also think they were doing some experimenting with these diff looks. The song is great though, I really like it. To me her dancing was on point, she looked relaxed and happy. I'm just so happy to hear some good music from her. I want those happy feet covers too.
ThatBoyLuke said…
*Dancing: ON POINT

*Hotness: ON POINT


Outfits: TOO MANY! they shoulda stuck with just the jeans/vest, pink wig outfit, outside in the rain and pink jumper outfits and the video would have been so much better, especially without those cheap first ellement and robo tina turner outfits.

Glad the song is doing well though, can't wait to see where it'll hit on Oricon :D Besides ther cheapness of the vid UMJ seem to be doing an amazing job for her, especially promotional wise :)