Music video: Wonder girls - Be my baby

This has to be the flyest video I've seen come out of K-Pop all year. As a whole, it's nothing new or revolutionary. Beyoncé did this black and white low lighting, all white background shit with "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" and Brown eyed girls worked a similar treatment for "Abracadabra". But it takes these elements, hones them like f**k and makes for a visual treat of a music video. The on point cinematography matched with the air tight choreography makes for a winning music video.

I wasn't even keen on this song to begin with, but the music video sold it to me. And it's a good look for the two members of the group who were looking redundant for a hot minute. Sohee and Lim were doing the damn thing: looking good and sounding good. The Wonder girls are back. Girls' generation need to sit down and think about their futures. SM entertainment need to fire whoever thought "The boys" was a good single to attempt to go International with. And JYP can rest easy that his account will have dollar rolling in from now to Christmas and that he has one of the best girl groups in Korea right now with the biggest shot of making it big worldwide.


Sio said…
You've said it all, nothing to add. Listening to the album now and this is the weakest song on the album! Wondergirls slaying your faves
Nahnatchka said…
I just don't like how their voices don't seem to be maturing. On some songs (like the one where Lim raps), it sounds like a twelve year old is singing.
mellowyel said…
I want to like this song, but it sounds like a poor remake of a Jem and the Holograms song (fictional 80s glam rock band with an awesome hologram projector - my childhood, essentially). And Sohee sings too much. I like her better when she has a stray line here and there. Giving her half a verse to sing won't magically improve her vocals, JYP.

I agree with Sio - compared to the rest of the album, this song isn't all that. But, they do manage to bring out one of the better k-pop girl group singles this year, so kudos to them.
The Prophet said…
This video is NOT better than Sunny Hill "Pray", Brown Eyed Girls "Sixth Sense", TVXQ's "Before U Go", T-ara's "Roly Poly" etc etc.