Perfume chit-chat on a TV show. Album mix of "Glitter" blows minds and wigs off heads.

Perfume appeared on the Space shower music chart show to plug their upcoming album. As always they looked prim, proper and like they just stepped out of one of their single covers. These chicks have a visual consistency I've not witnessed since the earlier days of the Spice girls. And also the Power Rangers.

You can hear the Album mix of "Glitter" around the 7:00 mark, and it sounds even better than the single version - something which I didn't think was even possible.

Yevon help me when I hear what the hell Yasutaka did to the Album version of "Laser beam". That shit must be like the Hammer of Dawn. Jebus, take the wheel please. Because I just can't right now. I don't even have any hair, but these girls have somehow managed to snatch it all.