SuJu Shindong snaps a pic of his weight progress. Wants you to hit it. (You know you would).

Super Junior's Shindong's weight loss progress #fatcamp | Self snap

Shindong's been making a thing out of his continually slimming body, now that SM entertainment have hit him with the same 'No eat time' contract that they hit Girls' generation with as soon as "Gee" became a hit. Shindong looks good. But anybody can look good with an SLR covering half of their face and a picture frame and dressing table obscuring their body. I'd hit it. But I'm having one of those "not fussy" nights tonight. So I'd hit anything. Shindong's weight fluctuates like Janet Jackson. One minute he looks like Waluigi and the next he's looking like Kirby. Let's see how he maintains that diet discipline of his over Christmas. 'Tis the time when diets get f**ked and everybody eats like mutha, whether you celebrate the birthday of Jebus (or whatever) or not.

Super Junior's Shindong shows off his leaner body @ allkpop


  1. Do not want, would never hit that. J keep your standards up bb, you know you can do better.

  2. well actually he looks pretty hot but that korean mentality that everbody has to be thin is just dumb.

  3. I have those none fussy days too. Those particular days are what cause amazingly regretful hook ups, mix in a few beers and you're set for a lifetime of suppressing foggy memories. Sheesh, I'm ashamed of myself.

    On another note...yeah....I'd hit that.

  4. Oppa you're doing so well! I'm so happy for you. Just remember you are perfect just the way you are~!


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