Wonder girls are on their way to shut down South Korea. R U ready?

Are these girls debuting with an album in the US? Will they be scalping bitches across Korea?! Questions fans have been answering for a good while and today comes the answer. The Wonder girls will be scalping up and down South Korea from November 7 with their long awaited second full length studio album. And of course, it comes with a teaser to get fans panties wet.

Sunye gave me everything. But she always does.

This trailer didn't do much for me; because the look, the sound and the general aesthetic of this whole "concept" has been done by just about every girl group in South Korea. Kim Jong-il probably has hoes in North Korea with this same concept for all we don't know. But it's great that the Wonder girls will be back on the scene. A second full length album is long overdue. Although by JYP standards, the full length will be 8 new songs and 2 remixes of the lead single. And 4 of these songs will sound like re-hashes of "Nobody". As long as we get a tight music video, Yenny shuts it down with some ad-libs and Sunye stays on that A-game, I'll be sold.

And as for you Lim? You were looking on POINT in this teaser. I has my eye on you.


Sio said…
I'm so excited, i want them to SLAY snsd, im done with them. I got my eye on yubin.
Check out the teaser images http://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/7788685.html
Anonymous said…
Not only that, but they're releasing a TeenNick movie in Jan. called "Wonder Girls at the Apollo"