Album arts + tracklisting: Kumi Koda - Japonesque

Kumi Koda - Japonesque [CD + Photobook + Goods] | Album arts + tracklisting Kumi Koda - Japonesque [CD + 2DVD] | Album arts + tracklisting
Kumi Koda - Japonesque [CD + DVD] | Album arts + tracklisting Kumi Koda - Japonesque [CD] | Album arts + tracklisting

These album covers stink of Ayu's 2008 weave pieces. But Kumi looks good. Nice, classy and regal.

The horrendously titled Japonesque will release on January 25. The album version of "V.I.P" will features T-Pain and the song "Slow" will feature Omarion. I guess nobody told Kumi that neither of these n***a's are hot any more. They're not even luke warm. Kumi was probably told by her A&R that they'd secured two black American's and the rest was history. Because if you're black, then you're automatically an R&B star in Japan. I was rolling like Usher when I was over there.

Every single song on this album aside from the Intro and Interlude will also have a music video. The album will release in 4 editions, witht he most expensive of the bunch coming bundled with a B4 sized photo book and 'goods' which are yet to be revealed. It's probably a rice cooker and an iPod touch with Kumi Kehovah's entire discography on it.

Kumi is really trying her best to make Ayu look lazy. I can't wait to see what robot face does to top this with her next album. Catch the extensive tracklisting which comes with everything put the kitchen sink otherwise known as Kumi's vagina after the jump.

  1. Introduction
  2. So nice
  3. Boom boom boys
  4. V.I.P featuring T-Pain
  5. Slow featuring Omarion
  6. Brave
  7. Everyday
  8. In the air
  9. You are not alone ~Acoustic version~
  10. Interlude
  11. Escalate
  12. Love me back
  13. No mans land
  14. Ai wo tomenaide | 愛を止めないで
  15. Ko-so-ko-so
  16. Lay down
  17. Love technique
  18. Poppin’ love cocktail featuring Teeda
  19. All for you

DVD - disc 1
  1. Poppin’ love cocktail featuring Teeda
  2. Boom boom boys
  3. No mans land
  4. V.I.P featuring T-Pain
  5. Ko-so-ko-so
  6. Lay down
  7. Escalate
  8. Love me back
  9. So nice
  10. Slow featuring Omarion
  11. In the air
  12. Everyday
  13. Love technique
  14. You are not alone ~Live version ~
  15. Ai wo tomenaide | 愛を止めないで
  16. Brave
  17. All for you

DVD - disc 2
  1. Live Best DVD
  2. Past albums commercial collection
  • 1st album: Affection
  • 2nd album: Grow into one
  • 3rd album: Feel my mind
  • 4th album: Secret
  • 5th album: Black cherry
  • 6th album: Kingdom
  • 7th album: Trick
  • 8th album: Best ~Third universe~ / Universe
  • 9th album: Dejavu

Kumi was due to embark on a tour (as she does ever other week) but canceled it due to her health condition. Her health condition being that she's pregnant. Yes. I'm shocked too. The skank actually let herself get hit raw and fell pregnant by some dude who I'd take bets on either being a miscellaneous DJ or one of her backing dancers from the Trick tour.

There's every chance Kumi only fell pregnant because she saw Beyoncé do it and figured she could use it as an excuse for sales not meeting expectations and just drop a shit load of videos instead of actually touring. Kumi done jacked B's I am...Sasha Fierce font for Japonesque. Why not jack her pregnancy album release overlap plan too!? These planned pregnancy career hoes. They're something else.

Misono had better take this opportunity to get her music career off the ground. Preferably when Kumi is 8 months gone, can't put on her own shoes and is a giant incapacitated mess.


  1. Looks a baby was the ONLY way this woman would stop working! Crazy. Besides, we all know she got pregnant by a rocker that she plans to marry.

    Good luck to her, even though we all know she's not gonna sell that much.

  2. I like the covers, i didn't even automatically think of Ayu either with this which is random lol
    I think it's a shame there are so many tracks because i just know they arn't gonna be cohesive at all, she needs to stick to one style for a whole album of 12 songs and NOT spend all the budget on 20 "ok" video's, just make a few good ones! shame she isn't touring though because i always love seeing her tour performances on youtube, she slays live.

    Good luck to her and her baby and it's dad, how long til Ayu gets knocked up now??? LOL

  3. This women creeps me out... she's always with her mouth open... love the covers, i'm pretty sure she's still following BoA's style as far as marketing is... only that BoA doesn't make 10+ pv for one album... This reminds me BoA's Venus thing for her 10th anniversary... let's see what Kumi does with it.


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