The Black eyed peas' and and 2NE1's CL perform together at the 2011 MAMA's & of The black eyed peas and CL of 2NE1 perform 'Where is the love' @ the 2011 MAMA's | Live performance

The black eyed peas' front man has openly declared his love of all things K-Pop and has taken a real shine to 2NE1. Stories of him working with them and the odd picture of him posing with the group have  consistently done the rounds for the best part of a year. But we finally get to see and hear something between the two. and took to the stage with 2NE1's CL to deliver a hot performance of The black eyed peas' big comeback / break out hit "Where is the love".

CL more than made up for the lack of Fergie, Justin Timberfake and Taboo.

CL made Fergie look replaceable. She had and with their heads close to the road and going under a bus too.

I'm not a huge fan of what The Black eyed peas have become and I hate "Where is the love". But this performance was good...purely because of CL. Because this bitch can turn doo-doo into gold with her ridiculous amount of swagger. And how sweet was it of her 2NE1 group members to run riot to the song in the crowd in support. That right there is where the love is.


  1. I actually am not a fan of this performance, i don't hate it either but really it just shows how redundant will is as a solo artist and that he needs a group to be a success.
    I loved and still do love "Wear is the love" and if you listen to that and then BEP's last single "Don't stop the party" it just shows how far they've fallen musically and i put the blame squarely on Will I Aint... I hope he doesn'tmake 2NE1 into some bunk version of current BEP.


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