Crystal Kay performs "Superman" to a crowd of dead people at Hiru nan desu!

Crystal Kay - Superman | Live performance

Well I'll be damned. Crystal Kay actually performing her new single live on a TV show within a 7 day timescale of it releasing. You'll need to excuse me. I think I need a moment for my home girl who might finally make it. It's only taken 10 years.

Crystal looked and sounded great. I don't know what is up with the crowd though. They may as well have all been dead. The production team of this show need to fix up some prompts or something. The lack of crowd energy made me feel uncomfortable.

"Superman" is my jam. I'm already waiting on the next batch of singles and that album. Here's to hoping Delicious Deli keep it moving and do CK right. Crystal's game has been more on point at Delicious Deli over the past 4 months than it has been at Sony for the past 3 years. A good sign.

"Superman" is available via iTunes and also Amazon US and UK. So be sure to cop it and support CK. Let a bitch know she's got fans worldwide and that her US and UK fans need an English language album. I got love for Hikaru Utada. But I know CK's English language shizzle would drop a hot doo-doo on Exodus and This is the one. And I wouldn't be mad if she dropped "It's a crime" as a single neither, because that shit is still hot.


  1. I'm just as shocked as you are. I've already seen three different live performance of superman, and at first I was in disbelief; I believed they were all the same performance. haha I think this was her best performance out of all the ones that I have seen, and hahaha the first thing I noticed when I saw this performance was how dead the audience was; bitch might as well have been performing to no one, although towards the end there was one row of old bitches that seemed to be enjoying the performance. That or maybe they were just as surprised as me that she was actually performing on live television.

  2. @Melvin lol, I saw that too, it was that one row but they were into it. Good for them. I'm sure Crystal appreciated the response

  3. LOL so Glad her new label are doing her right! Promo on time, moving up ITunes im so happy for her! Has it charted on Oricon yet???
    Looking forward to new singles, videos and that album! YES CK!!! :D

  4. Shes been everywhere lately. <3 Happy Feet, a Michael Jackson tribute live, and now Christmas no Yakusoku which is HUGE~. I would buy happy feet just to hear her.

    Thanks for the video~!


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