"Girls' generation make you feel da hit" with "The boys" at the 2011 MAMA's

Girls' generation perform 'The boys' @ the 2011 MAMA's | Live performance

To say that Girls' generation's The boys was a mess would be putting it mildly. A rubbish song and a rubbish album after delivering correctness with their Japanese debut. The girls then teaming up with Teddy Riley and attempting English was a complete blind sight. But always ones to run their acts into the ground with one hand and beat everybody else around the head with another - Slave Master entertainment had their slave hoes perform the mess single at the 2011 MAMA's; in original and remix form. But not before boring everybody to death with a lengthy intro showing us how much these girls really cannot dance and exude as much swagger as a cardboard box.

In the three minutes of mess that we had to endure as random members of the group were introduced to the stage, we could have had a nice little performance of a decent song from the SNSD discography before being bored to death with "The boys". Miss A summed up my feelings of this performance in one look...

Miss A...unimpressed | @ the 2011 MAMA's



  1. oh.my.
    i'm sorry, that looked like it was mad thrown together. jackets falling off, people missing steps, being big time ahead and not realizing it til it was wayyyy late...not their best at all. still like the song tho. i live that breakdown in the middle eight.

    on another note, anybody know what remix that is? is it even released?

  2. Meh - I'm not fond of the song either. I don't HATE it but not matter how many times I listen to it I can't bring myself to want to add it to my ipod... I didn't mind the remix as much, added something new to their string of predictable performances.


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