Girls' generation mime the shit out of "The boys" on Japanese television

Girls' generation - The boys (Japanese version) | Live performance

In true K-Pop fashion, pop crowds have to be subjected to a song being over performed beyond death, zombiefication and the after life. But SM entertainment (always ones to go one better) decided that performances of "The boys" in Korean and Engrish was not enough. That shit gots to be in Japanese too.

The anorexic pop stars hit up the land of the rising sun to grace Hey! Hey! Hey! with a 'live' performance of "The boys".  "The boys" should have just been a song on their debut Japanese album. It fits the style of it better than The boys album - which is just a hot teeny bopper, bubble gummed out mess with only one good song on it.

The girls looked tired and so did this performance. Taeyeon needs to pull Jessica aside and let her know who is the leader of the group. Jessica is always strutting up in the middle of shit and just pulling poses like she's the boss. Somebody needs to tell her to take her back seat and just handle that English when she's called for. Ever since "Tell me your wish (Genie)" Jessica's been pushing her way to the front of the group. I shouldn't knock her hustle, but I will. Bitch needs to siddown.

Expect SM entertainment to release a Swahili version of "The boys", with a Nigerian version of "Gee" as a B-side.


  1. J, stop hating. We all know sica is the secret leader. Btw. Hyoyeon sounds amazing in japanese.

  2. You'd think after being in the game for so long they'd know how to shut down a weekly performance but no. Also fuck tiffany im done with that bitch no swag and no rhythm smh at tthe lot of them.

  3. With the repackage of their Korean album, re-release of their Japanese album, plus maxi-single release of their English debut; I'm not surprised they look tired and the song is badly done. I was excited for the girls after their Japanese debut but now I'm just tired of hearing news from them and listening to the same song over and over again :/


  5. It wasn't so bad actually. Most of their japanese performances have had obnoxious backing track so that didnt' bother me, but at least they didn't look as tired as they obvs are. That and Hyoyeon's rap was on point.

  6. @craver - i cosign. this has been on of their better performances. i actually believed it this time.

  7. Is this the performance where their Japanese was mocked afterwards?

  8. ILU for this post.

    @ Anon 12:03: yup. mostly because the song has out-of-place English written all over it though, methinks.


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