Jin Akanishi works on his English language debut with The Stereotypes

Having departed Johnny's boy booty camp for the more above board legal waters of Warner music group, Jin Akanishi is officially on the path to becoming a worldwide solo star.

Jin has been in the studio with US production team The Stereotypes (Danity Kane "Damaged", Justin Bieber "Somebody to love", Joe "New man", Ne-Yo "Why does she stay") to record his debut album and they've been chronicling the process in a video, in which you can hear a couple of the songs.

Despite his ridiculous level of popularity in Japan and a sell out North American tour under his belt, I don't think Jin will be 'the chosen Asian one' who breaks out with a commercially successful album in the States. If his single "Test drive" with that hot mess Jason Derulo is anything to go by, his team's plan seems to be of that to strip everything unique away about Jin and have him sound and look like everybody else in the top 10. Great plan. Because it did wonders for BoA 2 years ago.


  1. Well he's got to start somewhere. I don't like Test Drive but it def sounds like everything else being played on top 40 dance stations in the US. The thing is Jin is not the asian Adele, lol. He dosen't have the vocal chops to cut through all the crap music so he has to be eased in so to speak and then hopefully he can put more of his own stamp on his music. I agree though I don't think he'll be the one but he could have decent sucess if Warner is willing to take the time with him. That's part of the problem record company's want the next big thing yesterday but they obviously saw something in him to give him an opportunity. I can't say I'm a fan of his (except for his association with Crystal) but I'm glad he's taking a shot and got out of that tired ass Kat-Tun and away from that Johnny dude. I'm still pissed about Wonder, lol.

  2. J, go listen to The Paradiso Girls' "Boys Go Crazy". That is BY FAR The Stereotypes' best production work.


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