Kumi Koda acts a skank at the 2011 MAMA's

Kumi Koda performs 'Ai no uta', 'V.I.P' and 'Bling, bling, bling' @ the 2011 MAMA's | Live performance

I'm not entirely sure how Singapore customs let this skank through, but "Hey ho!" they did. Kumi's reputation in Korean music is probably of that tramp who once did a song with DBSK. It would have been a fly look for MAMA to have hollered at Namie to have performed "Make it happen" with After school. But we'll let Kumi Kehovah have her moment, seeing as she's in that top tier of J-Pop chicks who run the Oricon charts when it comes to sales. Sure, her shit is declining. But she still pushes more on that chart than your fave.

Every time I hear "Bling bling bling" I lose a part of my soul and my testicles shrink into deku nuts. Kumi Koda may have felt slight pressure from hearing that Dr. Dre and Snoop D oh double gizzle were in attendance and figured she'd represent with her Japanese hood which doesn't exists because there's no such thing anthem "Bling bling bling" or as I like to call it "Bwing-a-wing-a-wing". The song was rubbish when she performed it 2 years ago. 2011 and it's still rubbish. Kumi needs to let it die and stop trying to bring it back. Ain't nobody trying to hear that mess.

Kumi's performance in general was weak. She sounded a mess during "Ai no uta" and she usually runs circles around this song. She spread herself too thinly by performing three songs with no tight stage concept. She should have just just delivered a killer performance of "Pop diva", snatched a few Korean weave pieces, shut that shit down and called it a night.

Kumi Kehova looked smoking. Her energy was great. And it was great that she didn't tone anything down or do anything different how she would have on her home turf of Japan. But Kumi is capable of so much better than this and has delivered better performances on Japanese TV in her sleep.

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  1. LOL i actually thought she did good on "Ai no uta" that song still slays HARD, usually i hate "VIP" but the fact she brought that oldschool sluttyness sold it for me, she is such a great live performer it's a shame that her sales are declining... IMO it's a mix of two short a wait between albums (same for Ayu) and the fact that her albums since "Universe" on have been too random style wise, for me "Kingdom" was amazing because it concentrated on that urban slut Kumi with some Killer ballads that we all love, after that "Trick" was ok (with the iconic "Taboo" but then she had to start throwing all this shitty Kawaii and rock stuff out SMH i want slutty urban Kumi back!!! ~_~

    P.S whoever that blonde boy is at 4:01 i want him to marry me haha #LUSH

  2. I like this performance, I thought it was decent. Ai No Uta is no surprise, I can give or take that song - I really have to be in the mood to listen to it (although I loved that red dress). VIP was great, it had lots of energy and I didn't really want to hear another live performance of Poppin' Love Cocktail again! Bling Bling Bling still surprises me; it was an album track right? Was it popular in Japan? I don't see why she didn't perform another single that everyone will know. The dancing during the rapping was cool but the rest of Bling Bling Bling's performance was forgettable.

  3. She slayed everyone at that show while pregnant.


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