Miss A make like some Kung-fu sirens at the 2011 MAMA's

Miss A perform 'Good bye baby' @ the 2011 MAMA's | Live performance

'That other' JYP affiliated group went full on with a renaissance ninja-esque Asian assault for their performance of "Good bye baby". There were splits, fans, spins, back-flips, cart-wheels and even some ponytail whipping. Miss A weren't trying to go home without their names in some mouths, that's for sure.

Fei knows she's wrong for dropping that fan. But she made up for the faux pas with that graceful spinning thing she did. I've not seen a ho drop a spin like that since Xianghua in Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast.

This performance wasn't as tight as it could have been. Some of the movements were a little loose and I could have done with a bit more swagger and assertiveness. But in terms of scope, concept and the physicality required to even pull this performance off; very few girl groups in the K-Pop game right now could have done what Miss A did here. Girls' generation certainly couldn't. And I've got love for the Wonder girls, but ain't no way they could have done this shit neither.


  1. umm...that's how it's supposed to be done! packing all the good stuff in half the time as these other gals - miss a is on the come up!

    question again - why do the mama's seem to be so much more entertaining than ALLLLLLLL the U.S. awards shows combined?

  2. This performance was hot. One of the best of the night. I feel bad for Fei, you know dropping that fan cost her a week worth of meals.


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