Music video: Namie Amuro - Love story

Namiserable looks tired. She needs to stop with these tours, look after her son and just take it easy. 

In the space of 6 months we've had Crystal Kay, Ayumi Hamasaki and now Namie Amuro all head to London. I had no idea that Namie was in London at any point or that she had plans to visit. Avex probably put her in the coach section of Ayu's flight to ease up on that expense budget. Namie keeps her shit on the down low, so it's not something many would have known about. Unlike CK and Ayu, who be tweeting in advance where they'll be hitting up and where they be staying. Ayu welcomes the mobs like nobodies business. She lives for that shit.

It must have felt a bit liberating for Namie knowing she could sit outside of a cafe in broad daylight and just walk down the street and not be noticed in London, unbeknown to everybody that she is such a huge star on the other side of the globe. People must have been watching her from the other side of the street wondering Who is she? Why they filming this fed up looking broad? Namie Amuro. Google a ho. She has enough yen to buy your whole life.


  1. I thought this vide was gonna be DRY as usual but it's ok, simple but suits the song and Namie looks pretty and has on her obligatory boots on lol
    I wish i knew she was in London (even though i dont live there) LOL She and Kumi need to get on twitter!

    So true, Ayu always whips the London mob out haha

  2. LOL im loving that salty looking ho in the opening shot

  3. What the fcuk. A girl needs to open a Twitter account and let a bitch know where she'll be filming!
    I live in London and would have brought my 10 year old posters of her (before she got those nasty bags she's been sporting lately under her eyes) for her to sign.


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