Music video: Perfume - Laser beam (Full version)

The music video for "Laser beam" was shot back in March, but the Tōhoku earthquake halted production. And all fans were able to see of the video was the incomplete short version. The fate of the video at this point was unknown. Even with the release of JPN track list listing the inclusion of the "Laser beam" music video, nobody knew whether this video would be the full length video or the short version. But now we know!

The video is off the wall, crazy, whacky and the most playful of all the JPN singles so far. None of it makes any sense. But it's a great video for a great song and it even features laser beams, keeping in with the name of the song.

I love how "Laser beam" just keeps giving me reasons to love it more and more. A previously unseen full length music video and a re-jig on the album version of the song. I'm all over this shit again. Even "Glitter" is taking a back seat in favour of my new found love for "Laser beam" and that is my jam.


  1. These bitches can't sing for shit, but they always get laced with the hottest beats and the production is on point. Glitter is my new found crack; it's been on repeat for the past few days. It makes me want to get shit faced, head to a rave, and go into convulsions on the dance floor.

  2. Hey melvin, you better check their cover on cutey honey, you'll know for sure that these girls can actually sing without autotune.


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