Perfume drop a crack medley of "Polyrhythm" and "Laser beam" at NTV's Best artist 2011

Perfume perform 'Polyrhythm' and 'Laser beam' @ NTV's Best artist 2011 | Live performance

With JPN finally out, the promotional wagon rolling full steam ahead and a tour ready to rack in revenue from early next year, Perfume are hitting up TV shows and dropping performances so that hoes know what time it is.

These girls can't and won't ever sing live. But they at least keep the style game on point, the moves sharp and the sets flashing with enough lights and imagery to distract from the lack of vocal talent. I can't even hate on the lack of live vocals when everything else was so spot on. And when "Laser beam" is involved, I just plain overlook everything.

Nocchi was trying for her life for fix her belt, but that shit just was not happening. And the second she took it down to the floor for the bridge breakdown, the cause was lost. There was no fixing the belt.

"Polyrhythm" will always be Perfume's defining song, the one for which they're remembered for years from now. But there can be no denying of how hot "Laser beam" is. And out of all of their singles to date, "Laser beam" is consistently the one they perform the best and the crowd always goes mad for.

I need to ease off of these girls. I've been going Perfume stir crazy for the past two months solid. And I think I'm falling in love with Nocchi.


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