Perfume perform "575" and "Voice" on Music station

Perfume perform '575' and 'Voice' @ Music station | Live performance

Perfume have been rinsing performances of their JPN singles like mouthwash. And with their album having debuted on the Oricon album charts at number 1 and 96,286 units sold in it's first week - the girls decide to switch things up and perform something new off of the album, confident in the knowledge that a large chunk of Japan would have heard it by this point.

These girls were not dancing at all during their performance of "575", but they still mimed like lazy bitches. I'd love to hear them sing live. Just once. I'm even questioning whether it's them actually singing on the songs at all. I refuse to believe a young woman in her 20's would actually sing how they do with such a lack of tone and melody. The vocals on their songs are so abysmal that I love them like ghetto pizza. I don't know what these girls have done to me. I trashed Game because of their vocals. Now I'm stanning for them on the not so down low.

What is it with Kashiyuka always being on her knees? She should release her own range of knee cocoa butter.


  1. So do they actually sing at all? I've read on some forums that they use a vodophone, not sure of the spelling or what that is exactly.

  2. those lights are cool as eff!!!

  3. Perfume do sing, it's just that they've been influenced a lot by Nakata and as if autotuning their voices to death in any song (they don't use vocoders, it's really Nakata autotuning the shit out of them), no matter if up-tempo or mellow is not enough, apparently he told them to sing as 'robot-like' as possible and they consider this great advice which might explain something...
    Which makes me kind of upset, cause, well, they don't have killer voices, really, but they had old performances where they were singing live WHILE dancing on stage and it didn't sound too bad. ( from 0:45 on you can hear them sing live).

  4. just a heads up it actually sold 227,000 copies on the first week. 96,286 is what they sold in the first DAY. ;)

  5. Here's another showing of where they actually sing this song live. I was really surprised when this was lipsynched on TV. Yet on VOICE you can hear their voices "here and there".


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