Taeyang performs a cover of Beyoncé's "I miss you"

Big Bang's Taeyang performed a low key cover of Beyoncé's "I miss you", based on the Frank Ocean version which has gained popularity and its own following and status separate from Beyoncé's version as a result of him performing live with regularity ever since 4 released. I'm just waiting on the YouTube video to leak which dates it as being performed back during the I am...Sasha Fierce era, thereby revealing that once again, Beyoncé snagged herself another shady writing credit. For those who don't know, "I miss you" was written by the talented Mr. Ocean.

Taeyang should have just taken off his shirt and pelvic thrusted into the air. "I miss you" is all about feeling and I just didn't get that with Taeyang's version. Say what you will about the Amazonian robot empress, but she sings the shit out of "I miss you" and sounds as vulnerable as a hedgehog in the middle of a motorway during rush hour.

If you've not heard Beyoncé's "I miss you", I urge you to listen to it. It's one of her best songs and best vocal performances in a long, long time. Stunning song.


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