YouTube dude makes Girls' generation look (even more) like chicks who can't dance

A Chinese dance student posted a YouTube video of himself working through Girls' generation's routine for "The boys". Not content with doing this shit in sweats and trainers, this dude decided to do the damn thing in hot pants and heels.

Girls' generation sure did bring the boys out...out of the closet and onto YouTube, making them look like a sloppy piece of garbage in the process. This is how the routine should have looked.


  1. Wow, now that's hot. He has nice legs too, lol.

  2. HAHAHAHA I feel wrong for saying this, but his legs also look better than the the girls of girls generation.

  3. ughhhh!!!! YAAAASSS! WERQUE! bitches like this make my world turn - he did the damn thing!

  4. LOL he slayed them... he has a cute body, nice legs... now i need an Asian boyfriend.

  5. hahaha he has better legs that all those girls put together LOL


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