Music video: David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj - Turn me on

This is why Nicki's solo career will always flourish on features and not her own material. And that's not something you can make a long career out of. I'm sure she'll find that out soon enough.

Once again Nicki turns in a hot guest feature on a song which isn't hers, but really should have been. This isn't rap. It's pop. But everyone else is doing it. And if your contribution to it is hot, then why not play the charts at it's own game? A female rapper stands a such better chance at crossing over into pop than a male rapper. So it's an angle Nicki should consider. There's no reason a pink wigged ho can't have her cake and eat it too.

I really like this song and think Nicki should have fought to have nabbed it as a lead single from her it-got-delayed-because-of-that-stupid-ho-mess album Pink friday: Roman's revenge. Yeah...she may wanna rethink that title. It sounds like a title for a Pink friday re-release, which is probably what her 'new' album will end up as if she doesn't catch a solo hit within her next two 'buzz single' releases.

With a beat that radio and clubs will not be able to resist and Ester Dean's midas touch with the song writing, this will be every bit the hit that "Stupid ho" had no chance of ever having.

Cool video too. Not at all what I was expecting from this song.


  1. Hmmm...
    I dunno. I really like the fact that Nicki is able to do her own shit, even if no one likes it (Stupid Hoe, Massive Attack) -- it's still controversial and getting everyone talking. And then she still makes bank on features and pop crap like my guilty pleasure "Super Bass" (which by the way, was a huge hit and did just fine without anyone else's help).

    I disagree with you -- I think she's really got it figured out for now.

    As for this song and video... the song is fine, but sounds like everything else on the radio, and I'm not really sure I get the video... at all... maybe the brief on paper sounded cool, but I'm not really understanding what's supposed to be going on. At least the "Stupid Hoe" video wasn't intended to make any sense.

  2. I think nicki's only really only gonna known in the mainstream world as a pop star who just happens to know how to rap or the girl who goes hard on features.


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