Adele cleans house at the 2012 Grammys

Adele cleans house at the 2012 Grammy's | Adele

Adele's wrist must be tired from sweeping the Grammy's with the wigs of her victims last night. Just when you thought her album 21 couldn't get any bigger, bitch goes and wins 6 Grammy's for that shit. Unlike Beyoncé, it's easier to justify Adele deserving all 6 of those. I'm expecting stans to put threats on my life, but they can go poke themselves in the eye with the corner of a 21 jewel case and go listen to 4.

I'd like us all to take a moment to bask in the winning of this hoe. She has 6 8 Grammy's at the age of 23. And she didn't pop a pussy, thrash a weave, wear a coloured wig, get gangbanged by Jesus and Judas in her video or whore out product placement to get them. All she did was write songs from the gut and sing the shit out of them.


  1. I'm so glad she won them all. Gaga couldn't look anymore mad haha. When they cut to her when she won ( I forget which one of the awards it was; there was just so many :P lmfao) she looked like she wanted to get up and snatch a wig, but it was too late because Adele had her raggedy wig under her foot along with the Courtney Love mess of wig/ poodle that Rihanna was rocking, and that frizzed out mess of a wig that looked like Storm from the X-men shot a thunderbolt at that Katy was wearing. Beyonce was absent from the Grammys because she knew Adele was going to cease her wig right by the lace front and snatch it as well. I'm sure Adele must be at home right now polishing her Grammys with the wigs of her counterparts.

    As an Adelephant(LOL) I couldn't be anymore happy for her. It's nice to see a genuine talent win at the Grammy's for once.

  2. Can't argue with any of this. Adele is talented no one can deny.

  3. Congrats to her she deserved every grammy she won. To hell with those wig wearing, heavy makeup loaded, no talent skanks.

    That's right, I said it. :)

  4. YES! Not only did she deserve all those awards and win them fairly but she also stopped basic bitches like Gaga and Katy Perry getting their flop hands on them :D Adele you fuckin legend! she was so funny collecting her awards, I swear one time she (the 2nd win) she accepted while doing an impersonation of the Nan from the Catherine Tate show lmao and that bit of snot at the end! haha nice that her BF was there to support her too :)

    P.S Adele has 8 Grammys in total, she won 2 whith her 1st album.

  5. This blog entry gave me so much life. I knew when Adele's sophomore album first dropped that homegirl was going to sweep the Grammy's. She has raw talent that speaks for itself. No gimmicks or tricks needed, just pure talent. She showed those clowns how to steal an award show and served big helpings of humble pie while doing it.


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