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Jenny Hyun is a racist hoe | K-Pop news

The racism cycle leading up to this moment started back when Jeremy Lin was the main subject of's main splash page article. Photographed mid court action with the byline "A chink in the armour". A coincidence or a play on words. It's hard not to be sceptical, so let's just chalk it up to an ignorant play on words.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather took to Twitter to voice his opinions on David Lin's recent media attention. And once again, the race card got whipped out like a Mewtwo Pokemon card:
"Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he's Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don't get the same praise". 
It rubbed people the wrong way. Some didn't want to hear this coming from the likes of Floyd Mayweather, but there may be some validity to his point. It's not as black and white as he makes it out to be. A great deal of Lin's underdog story lies in him coming from a non Basketball background and being a bench warmer for other teams and that he's managing to play the absolute shit out of the games now. The guy CAN play ball and play it f**king well. Him being Asian is only part of the story. But still...there may be a slight shred of validity to Mayweather's point, as ignorant as it may be.

Once again we have another case where race and politics clash in the middle, put a spin on something and turn it in a negative situation, which then creates a maelstrom of hatred and racial tension. With the original case in point being lost in it all. This stopped being about Jeremy Lin the second Mayweather pushed 'tweet'.

K-Pop songwriter Jenny Hyun had caught wind of Mayweather's tweet and then began to dig her own grave, whilst making an attempt to shovel one for a few black people too. The irony being that everything she was calling Floyd Mayweather directly, applied to her. I'd love to know who made her racial ambassador.

Jenny Hyun's racist hoe tweets | K-Pop news

I always try to star expletives out on my blog, but I am about to drop an uncensored one right here and now. This woman is a cunt. She is vile.

This bitch is disgusting for what she said. How aligned you are on Mayweather's tweet, no way in hell did it deserve this type of response. Jenny Hyun's racial rant is a stark reminder of the world that we live in and that there are people in this world who feel this way. I feel sorry for tricks like her who live within such an insecure space that they feel the only way they can get by is to feel such disdain and hatred towards race of people. To feel that insular. These people should look introspectively at themselves. Their loathing attitude and ignorance is what this world could do without. Not racial genocide.

It's also baffling, because so much of K-Pop culture is drawn from the influence of black culture. Take a look at the more obvious groups such as 2NE1 and Big bang. And then the likes of Girls' generation working with Teddy Riley. Jo Kwon taking any chance to pop his pussy to any song a black female with a weave puts out. K-Pop is influenced by black culture in its strongest form. The whole of YG entertainment has been built on a blueprint of US black culture. It's a wonderful thing to see. Who exactly is / should / deserves to be worshipping who? Is it even relevant!? Clearly not everybody feels this way.

Jenny Hyun's racial rant was quickly chalked up to schizophrenia. Please excuse me if I find this a bit skeptical. This Hyung ho needs to sit the f**k down with this mess. The bitch is racist. The feelings which fuelled her tweets and her piss take of an apology came from somewhere.

Jenny best put on her tightest skirt and go work a corner in North Korea, because her career (what was left of it) has a fork in it.


  1. When I made a comment on a board on how disgusting she is I was jumped on for being ignorant and unforgiving ! smh

    Apperently she has schizophrenia, that explains but does not excuse her actions, obviously the hate she has is inbeeded deep with in her.
    Makes me so sad, I urge all of you to sign the pettion

  2. And to this day I'm still getting abusive messages!

  3. @sio I stay away from those message boards for that very reason. They're filled with ignorant individuals that live for directing their rage to any person that disagree with them in the slightest. Anyone defending her or trying to justify her actions needs to take a seat.

    She said VILE and DISGUSTING things, and it was quite clear that there is some deep embedded hatred in her, regardless of what her medical conditions are. After watching a few of her youtube videos and seeing how she has dyed her hair blonde and wears blue eye contacts I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. Coupled with her racist rant on twitter it seems to me that she has an inferiority complex.

    Ignorance is truly a sad thing, because as the cliche saying goes ignorance is bliss, and those that are plagued with it refuse to acknowledge any other view besides their own narrow minded one. They go through life truly and sincerely believing that their beliefs are right and justifiable.

    Mayweather made an IGNORANT statement, but I HIGHLY doubt that there were any racist intentions behind it. There was nothing in his statement that indicated that he hated Asians. I don't care about Basketball, so I couldn't care less about Jeremy Lin, but the way I see it people should just let him have his moment. He's defying stereotypes and I'm sure there are a lot of people, both asian and non-asian, that are inspired by him, and THAT is what is important here.

    For the most part, I would like to believe that Racism does not exist anymore, at least not as outwardly so as what Jen did on twitter; however, I do believe prejudice is definitely still prominent in this world. I'm sure we have all encountered situations where someone's ignorance on the subject of race has shocked us. I have been told numerous times that I don't act Puerto Rican, what is ACTING Puerto Rican? As a society, we have become content with letting race define us, and that is something that I refuse to accept. More people should breech the racial boundaries that we have been forced to believe are okay. For as along as I can remember the majority of people that I know associate primarily with people of their own race, and I don't understand it. I enjoy learning new things about different cultures, and I can't fathom why other people wouldn't want to as well. Stereotypes are something that have been embedded in our society from a young age through the media and sometimes our parents, and I find it all ridiculous. The best way to rid the world of racism is to STOP talking about race as if it is relevant in determining a person's character. Race seems to be such a taboo subject, and because of it people are often unsure on how to confront the differences between races, which lie in culture and slight phenotypical differences and nothing more. I think that people who make ignorant comments towards other races, for the most part, are trying to find a way to relate. This leads people to believe that they are racist, when in fact they are JUST ignorant. Often times I don't even think people realize just how ignorant their statements are. I hate when I hear thing like for a *insert race here* you're *insert something that defies stereotype here*, but it just goes to show HOW deeply rooted prejudice is. I try to go through life as open minded as I possibly can. I don't think there's any other way to live, at least for me. Race is not important to me, it's a man made thing, and I find the whole issue of race so F*cking STUPID.

    I'm sorry for my rant on race, but this is a subject that I feel strongly about, and every time it comes up in a discussion I can't contain myself. lol

  4. Wow, I heard about her making some racist statements but damn. What Mayweather said has been said many times but he's missing the point here. It's Lin's story that's compelling. The fact that he never gave up and kept working so that when his moment came he was ready. What this chick said is way out of line in response though. These sentiments are out there and always will be as long as there are idiots in the world. Unfortunately there are never a shortage of them.

  5. Words cannot describe how disappointed and appalled I was after reading this dumb broad's twitter rant a few days ago. As a woman of African and Native American decent, I was baffled as to why someone would wish death to an entire race of people. And I don't care what anyone says in her defense. There is no way in hell that rant was brought on SOLELY by schizophrenia. She had built up animosity towards blacks prior to her "psychological tirade".

    I'm pretty damn sure almost every negro within a 10 mile radius of her home is coming for her neck. She's already had a few individuals sit outside of her home in California, waiting to get the chance to confront her. She's finished. Point. Blank. Period.

  6. Shes disgusting. You don't like black people but you are doing R&B. Bitch, have multiple seats in a stadium somewhere.

    Just like the Tim Tebow craze, Jeremy Lin is getting a lot of hype because he is an Asian guy playing basketball. That is all there is to it. Remember when they bought Yao Ming over here from China? They were talking all this shit about him possibly being the best because of his size..but he fizzled when he got over here. Now we have Jeremy Lin and they are chalking him up to be the next Micheal Jordan. When it all comes down to it, the kid is not the best player there ever was...hes just the best Asian player in the NBA thus far.

    Schizophrenia my ass.

  7. I am so appalled at this! She is more than just a bitch, is every single bad name under the sun. I never once wished for someone to go to hell, but I feel strongly for her to taking a perpetual trip down there.

    That's for revealing this article to me. It's opened my eyes to how unchanged the world still is. Please continue to bring updates on this news.


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