Whitney Houston's wig passes onto the other side

Whitney's wig passes onto the other side | Whitney Houston

The original queen of wigs has passed on and now begins her journey beyond the veil and onto the other side. Into a world where clouds are replaced by wigs, carpets are made from wigs and Whitney is granted the telekinetic ability to snatch from ones head.

Whitney Houston's passing came as a bit of a shock given that she was seemingly free from the two things which many were concerned would eventually bring her life to an end sooner than later: that crack head n***a of her husband and the drugs. Six years ago news of Whitney's death wouldn't have come as such a shock given how destructive her lifestyle was at that point. But at a time when Whitney had her shit together, it's a bit of a surprise. Although the pictures which have surfaced showing Whitney the night before are enough to make you facepalm and shake your head.

There may have been things going on behind the scenes which we were not aware of. Whitney may have been on the drugs on the down low. But sceptical thoughts aside, the real tragedy here is not that we've lost a diva or what many class as the greatest voice of their generation. It's that a daughter has lost her mother. Even in the midst of the car wreck that was Whitney and Bobby's marriage, Bobbi loved her mother and was the pillar of strength for Whitney making it through. And for Bobbi to have lived in the middle of Whitney's darkest hour and now encounter her own having to now live life without her, I can't even imagine what she must be going through.

Much like any great music icon, Whitney's successes over the past 20 years spawned a slew of chart topping, record breaking hits, and a discography making for a musical legacy which we can continue to enjoy until the end of time. Pick a moment from Whitney's career when you felt her form could not be touched and let that be your lasting memory of her.

If you love Whitney, then you'll play all of her shit up to My love is your love and leave it at that. Let's do a hoe a favour and sweep Just Whitney and I look to you under a rug. 


  1. I can't believe she's dead. I honestly thought it was a hoax until the Grammys declared they were doing a tribute for her.

    LOL at your post. I heard she was snatching wigs and wreaking havoc before the pre-grammy gala party. Apparently, some X-factor reject was talking to Ray-J and Whitney came over (intoxicated of course) screaming Get away from my man. I'm a cougar bitch. You're a loser. LOL I wasn't born into the generation that witnessed her in her prime, but I did enjoy her messiness throughout my generation. Ex: her interview with Wendy Williams. DEAD haha

    But on a serious note. I feel for her daughter. I can't imagine what it's like to lose a mother, or any parent for that matter.

  2. I can't believe she's dead either. This was the last thing I expected to hear. I didn't realize she was so young, it's a shame. And that voice, damn gone forever. My heart goes out to her daughter and her mother. To loose a child no matter how old is devastating to be sure.

  3. I seriously can't believe she's dead! When it started trending on twitter I was like... yeah whatever because they keep trending that people are dead when they aren't but it was true! I mean... people were talking when she was pictured outside that club but I was like leave her alone and let her have a night out ffs but now I wish she hadn't...
    I feel so bad for her daughter! I hope she's gonna be the kind of girl that has the strength to carry on (E.G Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's daughter) after losing one parent, having one crazy parent left and a shit load of money dropped in your lap, Bobbi Kristina always seemed a bit crazy so I hope she has good people around her at this time.

    My favourite performance from Whitney was when she sand "I didn't know my own strength" at the AMA's... It wasn't her best vocal by any means but when she sang that song it just touched me, she was singing and FEELING it! RIP Whitney x

    P.S @Melvin R, That Wendy Williams interview was AMAZING she snatched Wendy's wig, burnt it and made wendi put the ashes into an urn so she could scatter them at a later date.

  4. hey get the fuck off my girl back I love everything about she a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice and so if she wore wigs hell I wear them myself leave my girl alone she do a dam thing to no one people always fucking saying about I meet her so fuck off I'm in love with her I don't think people trying to hate on my one and only hell to naw don't worry about what she wore because we all do thing I'm what the fucks wrong with you dam people leave my baby girl the hell alone or else just show some fucking respect for my my my baby who I'm in love with sign Whitney twin

  5. get the fuck off her back I'm in love with my twin and leave her family the fuck alone stop hating on my girl and her family show some respect dam it yeah I said it


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