Ayumi Hamasaki's Farty queen flops. Show still goes on.

Ayu looks a skank on her ~HOTEL love songs~ tour | Snapped Ayu looks a skank on her ~HOTEL love songs~ tour | Snapped

When you're trying to act like your divorce weren't a thing and making out like your album flopping at number 2 isn't even news, what do you do? You look a skank mess on stage and stick a wig on that shit. Ayumi Hamasaki has been hustling with her ~HOTEL love songs~ tour and keeping that yen rolling in to keep those cheques balancing and keep Avex in business. Farty queen may have flopped on the ORICON charts in its first week (Note: Ayu debuting at number 2 = Flop) but her tour continues to be a success and this is where the real money's at. Ayu knows this. Hence why she stays touring. And knowing that Kumi Kehovah is taking time off to bear the second Christ, you best believe Ayu will be cramming as many of those dates in before the star shines over Bethlehem and everybody forgets that BeyoncĂ© even had a baby. I so want Kumi's next album to be titled The nativity and for the album cover to be her sprawl legged in a manger with n***a's around her holding Jacob watches.


  1. LMAO at Kumi and the Nativity... I can NOT... but you know she'd do it too lmao

    Ayu better keep touring, i wanna see her one day! her shows always look amazing and the audience always look so happy lol Can't believe "Party Queen" flopped... well actually tbh i can the whole era was a mess, they released ONE digital single to support it instead of regular singles which was dumb as fxck and then they uploaded all te vids in full to youtube and then yanked them and replaced them with the shitty clips UGH UGH UGH.

    Imma need Ayu to pull out ALL the stops for her next album, which i will need to be released at the end of 2013 at the earliest.

  2. I'm just glad to see ayumi hamaSUCKI finally owning her title as the Official JPOP Side Line Hoe.

  3. Before the ayu stans come for my neck, I have to get this off my chest. I understand that "costumes" play an important role in a concert but good Lord. Ayu and her costume designer need to have several seats.

    I can't stand it when certain a-cup broads (ayu&kumi) find it necessary to wear revealing costumes with push-up bras on stage when they have nothing to "push up" in the damned first place. You know you don't look right when it looks as though your boobs are about to double team your chin.

    I digress. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed "Party Queen". The last ayu album that even remotely impressed me was "(Miss)undersood" and that was back in '06.

  4. This is late. But, I just recently bought this DVD and all I can say is disaster and a mess. Never have I seen so many back up dancers and singers in one show. Ayu was also lazy and took a back seat in most of her performances.


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