Crystal Kay teams up with the Far east movement. Gets that money.

Crystal Kay and the Far east movement collaborate | J-Pop x Pop scoop

Crystal may be a flop. But she ain't stopping that hustle. Crystal will be featuring on Far east movement's fourth studio album Dirty bass on the song "Where the wild things are". She recorded the song with them in Los Angeles and both parties were excited about the collabo. The only Far east movement song Crystal's probably heard is "Like a G6". And Far east movement probably have no idea who Crystal Kay is. But they're fronting like they've been all up in each other discographies for years. I just hope the song is hot.

Crystal can just about get it poppin' in Japan let alone in the West. But this is a good look regardless, because it shows that Delicious Deli and Crystal Kay's management have caught onto how important it is for Crystal to stay active. None of this 'drop a single and then kick it in a bunker for 3 months' bullshit. You gotsta keep it moving. Even through the flops. More importantly through the flops. A gig like this would never had happened had CK stayed at Sony.

Far East movement's music is trash. But I will tolerate it for 3 minutes more than I have to if Crystal Kay is involved in it. I hope this song becomes a single. And if Far East movement shoot a video, they'd damn well better have Crystal feature in it. I can't be dealing with the song having a video, hearing CK's fly ass vocals and not seeing her sing them - and instead see some white girl drunk off her face in the corner of some club trying to pop a booty she don't have. This collabo won't get CK that worldwide appeal us fans all want, but it's a start. And it's better than nothing.

I'm still mad that Sony cop blocked a ho with "It's a crime". That was an international single right there. It was on the electro-pop tip. Had the men of the (then) moment Bloodshy & Avant on production duties. Bitch was even laced in auto tune to be put down on a level with basic bitches. And Sony threw that shit as track 11 on an album and did nothing with it. It was a down right crime fo' shizzle.


  1. Preach Brother J! Pimp them harder than Avex works all of their J-Pop hoes! I really hope that her track becomes a single with a video. I need my Kuri-chan to get some western exposure. If anything, they can just rap in the background and let her dominate the track. She should steal the song like Fergie did to Hoe da Kumi in "That Ain't Cool". As someone said in a different post, I want Crystal's new album to be called "Unbreakable Spirit" because she can flop all she wants, but she will not stop pushing. I admire Crystal and her new record label for that.

    I also agree with you about "It's a Crime" because that had hit potential. I saw a really good cover of it on Youtube that made me see how much it would appeal to a western audience. I hope Crystal makes one more attempt at an English album because she could possibly be a minor hit, even more so than BoA and Utada if she was marketed right.

  2. Far East Movement already has 3 albums out? Where the f*** have I been?

    I just hope this collaboration goes over well. I've never been a fan of Far East Movement's music. Ever. But I have hope since Crystal is contributing this time around. :)

  3. I think Flop East Movement's music is awful. (G6 is my "get drunk, act trashy, and grind up against strangers" anthem though) I just hope that crystal brings the hotness and as shinoske said, I hope flop east step aside and let crystal take over the song. They can be regulated to backing vocals or the chorus or something. I'm also gonna need a video with crystal sweating her weave out and popping her pussy in some trashy night club. She just needs to get her foot in the door, and hopefully someone will take notice of her and push for a U.S debut. If there's any J-pop artist/ Asian artist that could break the U.S market it's her. I always saw her as more of a "western" artist anyway.

  4. YES! Even though F.E.M are trash they at least have an international following, CK working with them will be a platform for more Western people to get to hear her.
    Hopefully the song will slay and CK gets to werk the fxck out of a video because i NEED an English CK song with a video lol

    P.S, F.E.M are on CK's new label in Japan too which is probably how they hooked up.

  5. I agree you have to just keep going no matter what, especially when things aren't going as well, get the music out there, keep working. I'm sure UMJ will not be like Sony and pass up on any opportunites that come her way. I mean damn, Sony could've released It's a Crime as a digital single to test the waters. How expensive would that have been. Sony is very set in there ways. I think UMJ has more vision and is more willing to find what works for an artist.


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