Iconiq shows off her new weave. Drinks champagne she can't afford.

I still don't know what Iconiq is doing with her life and neither does she. She featured on some Avex special 'thing' where she played the host and shot the breeze with a couple of her girls about stuff. I don't know what they were talking about, and unless any of us can speak Japanese, we'll never know. Because ain't nobody caring enough about Iconiq right now to put any effort into subbing this.

I love how they call this shit Real secret girls talk yet have 3 cameras in the room. It's sad that Iconiq has been resorted to this. Bitch couldn't even get this shit syndicated with a TV network, instead avex just put this out on the hush via YouTube.

Iconiq's new weave looks nice though. It's the first time I've seen her with hair and not wanted somebody to scalp her back to baldness.

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  1. I had no idea how beautiful she was because she was bald. She looks like an asian Jessica Alba.

  2. "I had no idea how beautiful she was because she was bald" Umm really so hair is what makes someone beautiful? I always thought iconic was pretty, even before the sewn in weave. The fact that she was bald is what separated her from all the other J-sluts in the game. Her voice is nothing special, her dancing is average, it's her bald head that made people interested in her, even if it was only for a short time period.

    But this shit looked cheap AF; it looks like it was shot on a Motorola flip phone. I don't even have to know what they're saying to know this conversation is drier than the ends of her weave. Also, I didn't know Iconiq had such a great rack. I wonder what else she's hiding. Maybe a new album? lol

  3. She has a nice rack... except her weave or the captions were in the way 90% of the time.

    Still, in the words of rap great Eminem: she make my pee pee go, da-doing, doing, doing.


  4. they are clearly trying to make her some kind of host/tv personality/fashionista/it-girl kind of person.

  5. So true, they really did roll this shit out on the sly. I see my inbox filled with some Coming Out joint and was like "Ooooh... okay." AND VALID POINT! They couldn't get Iconiq some air time or something? You had to resort to the avex YouTube channel, a channel where ALL avex artists are hosted and where she can easily get lost in the crowd? Gurl bye.

    On a positive note, I like the track that plays throughout. I'd probably actually check out the series if I could understand or, like you mentioned, had subs.

  6. She looks nice, she looked great with the bald look too though so... I had to LOL at the vid though, I don't know what they're saying so I'm just guessing it was...

    "hahaha gurlsssss fuck Avex they don't do shit for me so lets just chill in Ayu's dressing room and drink her Champagne while she's on tour and Kumi is too far gone to get there first"


  7. Well aparently something bad happened in music business if she reverted to this and to b honest I think her looked better short hair ,her head is really round and on top of that it disengage look like tv is fitting her ideas it have been best if she had just stuck with music

    1. I ment to say "doesn't" look like darn fone ducked up the sentence


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