Kumi Kehovah pimps her pregnant vagina for contact lenses

Kumi Kehovah pimps her pregnant ass for contact lenses | J-Pop scoop

Ayumi Hamasaki got pimped for a range of contact lenses last year, so of course Kumi has to do that shit too. These women are just borrowing, copying and outright stealing each others shit left, right and centre. I don't know where the real hair starts and the wig ends!

What Kumi really should be endorsing are hearing aids. So that she can hear how garbage her music is / has become. And Ayu may wanna copy that one whilst she's at it too.

Kumi looks nice, if a little scary in the picture. I detest talon nails. They are too ghetto, too ugly and utterly un-practical. Kumi's gonna have to say bye to those nails when her child is born. Unless she wants her baby to choke on a nail or scratch it's eye and then get done for physical harm to a minor.


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