Music video: 4 minute - Volume up

I see the Vampires from the crypt of Kim Jong-il have been let out. As is always the case with this group, this shit was all about Hyuna. When all else fails, just let this hoe take centre stage with some form of physical act that leaves you conflicted between a state of "That was a bit much" and "She did the damn thing". In "Mirror Mirror" she spread those legs and dry humped the floor. Here, she lets vampire bitches touch on her titties and check all up on it.

I liked this video. It was like a mix of a scene in the greenhouse of that crazy wheelchair bitch in Mei-chan no shitsuji, BeyoncĂ©'s poppin' her pussy in the sand in "Run the world (Plagiarism)" and an advert for Marni at H&M. Mixed with Gayoon cosplaying as Yoona's doppelgänger from Girls' generation. But for all of the slick sets and clothes, is still all boiled down to one thing: Hyuna. That bitch can't fly solo, but she can't half front a group. She needs to put on some weight though. Open legs ain't sexy when it's just bones.

Not sure how I feel about the song though. I kinda like the verses, but the chorus left me umm'ing and ahhh'ing. And the George Michael "Careless whisper" saxophone made me feel dirty. But as with "Mirror mirror", there is a strong UK dance vibe with this song which could easily have it gain traction over here.


  1. The pre chorus is a mess. Hyuna is still the only member I care about, 4 minute still sucks as a whole, and judging by their chart positions their 4 minutes are up. I see Hyuna breaking away from the group soon, and w/o her they don't stand a chance.

  2. I haven't been checking for them since "Hot Issue" / "Muzic" a long time ago but the song is HOT and i love the Saxophone lol The video is on fire, HyunA giving me slutty vampire Queen who enjoys lesbian orgies on the dancefloor... the only other one i cared about was the girl in white sat on the sofa with some crown on. This video is hot as fxck though, for $150k it better be though haha

  3. LOVED the saxophone and the outfits. Songs is hot as shittt. And by hot I don't mean catchy pop hot, I mean sultry and sexy hot.

  4. I feel like Jiyoon used to be more popular than she is now back when she pulled a more androgynous look in the group. The sunglasses made her look super quirky and adorable. It makes me sad that Hyuna seems to be the only one that still really sticks out.

    As much as I like Hyuna, I kind of wish that Jiyoon was put forward and center a little more often. I really like her <3

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