Music video: Ne-Yo - Burnin' up

This song is as generic as frick. If you were drunk on a boat in Ibiza or sweated out in some ghetto ass hole in the wall in central London, you would throw a shape to this song and sing all of the words. But you would not go to any form of length to put the song on your iPod or play it otherwise. Ne-Yo should have twisted Calvin Harris' arm into making "Let's go" his official lead single from his upcoming album. Much better song which is a sure fire hit. Helped not only by Calvin riding the wave of Rihanna's "We found love", but also being used in Pepsi TV commercials around Europe which are airing on TV all the f**king time at the moment.

The video was so shit that I'm not even going to bother saying a damn thing about it.

Some label restructuring took place at Island Def Jam after L.A Reid stepped down (as it always does after that n***a "steps down"). Long story short, Ne-Yo is now signed to Motown and is also the Senior vice president of A&R. This is just a really nice title for him doing what he's always done, which is write songs and rope Stargate to produce for his label mates.


  1. When I heard the song I thought, "Ne-Yo's returned to form." This is a sound he should have had on Libra Scale.

    But, this one hit me more instantly than "Let's Go". It seems less repetitive. And, Ne-Yo was belting and ad-libbing out that mother fucker, like he's supposed to.

    I don't judge videos, but I will say I'm surprised you got to this one so quickly, J.

  2. Surprisingly, I really enjoy the song. The MV however is a different story. Horrible acting.

    I must be in the minority (clearly) as I find that "Libra Scale" is my favorite album from Ne-Yo. For some reason that album had more songs on it that had replay value to me. It definitely could of used more club-bangers but I still enjoyed it.


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