Music video: Nicki Minaj featuring 2 chains - Beez in the trap

Despite shots of money and gold chains, this video was a low budget ass mess. Those girls alongside Nicki looked like genuine hoes and Nicki weren't looking too hot neither. Then again..when does she ever!? I guess after the Hype Williams flop-extravaganza that was "Massive attack", that Birdman is not willing to blow a milli on a budget video ever again - given how that shit tanked harder than a Metal Gear with a stinger missile to the face. I can't even get on board with the green wig and I usually love me a Nicki with a green wig. Her "Massive attack" green wig game was hot. This right here looks like some limited offer IKEA shag pile.

"Beez in the trap" is a banger though. I really dig it. It's nice to hear Nicki rap, because despite what the haters say, she CAN rap. Even on a song like "Stupid hoe", Nicki was dropping some hot lines and verses. But with this sounding less of a joke having a beat on it you can lean and snap a fanga too, at least people will be able to take her a bit more seriously with this. This won't be a hit though. The charts have already spoken and they want high-NRG pop singing Nicki. Not rap Nicki. And what the f**k does "Beez in the trap" even mean!?


  1. i will never ever in my life understand the appeal of this woman or anything she does.

  2. @ Anonymous

    I don't understand either :/

  3. Great thanks for sharing this articlepost.

  4. Song is ghetto as hell, lyrics are garbage, but imma DL this shit and have it on repeat for a while.


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