Music video: Perfume - Spring of life

I could have done with these robohoes killing me with some next level "Nee" style footwork after that perfect ass switch on the bridge section. But they were looking so fly in those dresses and their glowing kryptonite shoes that I just gave in and sang along to this shit.

The video was darker than you would have thought given the song, but I liked that they steered from the cliché video - which pretty much would have been an extended version of their soda commercial. And the ending was just tragic. Robohoes are not supposed to fall love. Kashiyuka and Nocchi will think twice next time A-chan asks them to unplug her shit or unzip her dress from the back. When one robohoe goes down, they all go down like dominoes. I hope these girls remember that if the thought ever enters their head to try and go solo. A-chan will shut that shit down.

These girls sound like auto tuned mosquitoes and play robots in the music video and still manage to exude more personality than most girl groups out right now.

If these girls do not hit up Music station and CDTV wearing those dresses with the lights and shit, then I will be pissed, upset and mad. I don't care if they have to drag a power pack on stage and have that nasty wire hanging out of their backs. They need to just make that shit happen.


  1. LOVE the video, remind we of "Baby cruising love" crossed with Bjork's "All is full of love" with more dance :D The video has actually made me like the song more too which didn't grab me right away the way the previous singles had. Looking forward to the next album which will probably be out later this year :)

  2. I love the video too. The robohoes theme worked really well, since you know, they basically are manufactured pop stars. I swear if Yasutaka Nakata could get away with dancing in hot pants, colorful dresses, and heels he would be the sole member of perfume. I kind of wondered if perfume was trying to diminish the idea that manufactured pop artists are unhappy and don't really live their life. I kind of see this era as a revitalization for them, and I'm loving spring of life more because of that. I also wanted some nee footwork, but something tells me that was a one time. I never get tired of the nee routine though. *plays Nee and 2 steps it out*


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