Music video: Rita Ora - How we do (Party)

It's easy to mistake this song for a Dr. Luke and Max Martin production given how it sounds just like a Katy Perry song. But the production comes courtesy of The Runners. There is no pinning down their style. I love it. The Runners' style I mean. Not this derivative excuse of a song.

Rita Ora is quickly being touted as the next best thing. But coming up now is going to be difficult for her, given that she has no identity of her own on this lead single which is copy of every other hoe. The UK has already got Jessie J working this angle of radio serviced pop with strong, gritty vocals. Rihanna's still globe trotting working this look that Rita seems to have copied down to the last detail. And her being signed by Jay-Z is hardly helping the comparisons to the Bajan Klingon from deep space nine.

"How we do (Party)" is a forgettable. It's difficult to find charm in a song which uses drunk sex as a loving adjective and has a video that's seems so try-hard, contrived and forced. If Biggie Smalls weren't so fat, he'd be turning in his grave. Crystal Kay done locked down that angle of a sweet on the ear pop banger with a video which has a lovingly genuine party vibe. If this is what you seek, then I suggest you forget this Rita chick and go check out "Delicious na kinyoubi" like yesterday. Buy it please. Crystal needs dem sales.


  1. This slut has no musical identity or personality to speak off. With a weak first single like this, she (or her management) is high that she will be the next best thing. Maybe Jay-z is high sniffing Floponce's fat ass that he can't seem to know how to package this bound-for-flopdom shit. She should just go away while it's early, or else she risks being a major flop.

  2. "I want to party and bullshit?" "I get that drunk sex feeling when I'm with you" great, sounds great, LOL. What is Jay-Z thinking?


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