Namie Amuro looks dead. Gets paid.

Namie looks dead for Esprique make-up | J-Pop shizzle
Esprique are still throwing money at Namie to look extra dead in pictures every few months. I wish somebody would throw money at me to look dead in pictures. Lucky bitch.

Namie's double A-side "Go flop" and "Yeah-no" took a hit on the ORICON charts when it released. A real shame considering that it was one of her best singles in a good while. I wasn't overly keen on "Go round", but it was better than that dog song, and it got itself a decent looking video. And "Yeah-oh" did the damn thing for me. Her best single to date since "Wild" and the video was hot to death too.

Still no word on an album, but we all know it's coming. Can't say I'm looking forward to it though. This current run of singles as been one of Namie's weakest since Break the rules. If home girl has sense, she'll put half the flops on a bonus disc and give us more new-new. But that won't ever happen.


  1. Oh, I bet her album will be MUCH better then Kumis or Ayumis! :) She never fails with an album. I'm looking forward to it!

  2. This pick is boring as fxck and looks cheap too...

    @Anonymous REALLY?! The only good (i mean GOOD) song I've heard from her this era is "Yeah Oh" the rest have been "ok", At least Kumi had some hot shit (even if it was recycled) like "Love me back", "KoSo KoSo" etc and Ayu had some good shit on "Party Queen" too but Namie will outsell them both anyway because she doesn't have about 5 albums churned out a year.

  3. Despite Namie's lackluster single release over the past 2yrs (they were total garbage), I think I will end up enjoying her album much more than "Flopanesque" and "Desperate Queen" overall. Btw, that's not saying much. In my opinion, Namie's worst songs of this era sound better than any song on the two albums previously mentioned. Once again this is my opinion.

    I just wish Avex would announce when her album drops for f***'s sake. Everybody is anticipating it. I do feel a July release will be eminent.

  4. All bitches is the Jpop scene should move those skanky asses and work hard, because even if her latest single sold under 50.000 in the first week (wich is weird but aceptable since she was the only in the top 5 of the oricon full of autotuned groups these days), Namie Amuro will outsell Kumi and Ayu with her new album!

    Japanese people should be getting ready for the release, even if they are only 4 new tracks it seems she'll be coming with a TWELVE 12!!! PV's on the CD + DVD version.

    Hot Girls or some stuff like that has already my attention... can't wait to it!


  5. They pay Namie to look dead because she's supposed to be the pouty, ice queen alternative to her bubbly, big-eyed counterparts in the Oricon charts. Plus I think she's finally realizing how weak her singles have been over the past 2 years. She needs a music make-over, like the one she pulled with Style. Sometimes it takes a flop to bring a pop diva back to her senses.

    Even then, I'd advice Crystal Kay to release her album in May, not June. She wouldn't want to compete with Namie's album release.

  6. @Cam i agree with you, poor Crystal, her latest single got #176 on the oricon right? with 400 sales only? :S

  7. "I wish somebody would throw money at me to look dead in pictures. Lucky bitch."
    loll if only


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