Namie Amuro sets a date for her 10th studio album.

Namie Amuro's 10th studio album | J-Pop shizzle

Namiserable Amuro has blind sighted us with a new album release date. PAH! Yeah roight. We all knew this was coming, it was just a matter of when. And the when is June 27th. This album has somehow already sold more copies in its first week than Farty queen and Ploponesque. Don't ask how.

At time of writing, no title, album arts or images have been released just yet. But a tracklist has been revealed, although the track order itself is still to be confirmed. Balk at this tracklist and give your most dramatic eye roll at the sight of there only being 4 new songs. Not much of a surprise, but still. You gotta roll the eyes. On the count of three...

  • Only you
  • Hot girls
  • In the spotlight (Tokyo)
  • Let's go
  • Go round
  • Yeah-oh
  • Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!
  • Love story
  • Naked
  • Fight together
  • Tempest
  • Break it
  • Get myself back

That horrid feeling I used to get when Hikaru Utada's album tracklists drop just came rushing back. That woman loved to release double A-sides over the course of a year and then slap down an album with only 3 to 4 new tracks. The difference with her was that her singles were always on point (those Deep river singles took me to Jebus), can't say the same for Namie's recent run. "Naked" and "Yeah-oh" were the jams. Other than those, there were no other singles post Checkmate! which I really liked. The dog song is the only one which sticks in my head, and that was because it was played to death in bite size chunks throughout the whole of Watashi ga renai dekinai riyuu. Hopefully the non single cuts will rock. Queen of Hip-Pop, Play and Past < Future all had solid non single cuts. So I'll cross my fingers the same goes for this album. Then again, those album also had killer ass singles.

The CD + DVD edition features music videos to all of the singles, as well as videos for "Only you", "Hot girls", "In the  spotlight (Tokyo)" and "Let's go". Wow. Ayumi Hamasaki be looking real lazy about now. These videos had all better be on that "Naked" and "Yeah-oh!" swag, otherwise I will wish baldness on a ho.


  1. You know you you're a mess for that picture LMFAO, but that's exactly what Namie is going to do when her album drops. Rip Farty Queen and Floponesque to shreds with her album sales, and have a total that equals more than the sales of both albums combined. You know Namie is going to release some budget ass music videos. That seems to be the in thing for Slavex hoes. I just hope we at least get one or two decent videos. Also crystal is releasing her album the day before. She better prepare herself for another flop.

  2. Oh my god. I thought that pic was real. Ha her album will be coming out on my bday. We all know that Namie is that chick.

  3. Nah, CK's album comes out the same day >_< Anyway, with or without Namie, it wouldn't have been much different I think.

  4. I love the photo above! Since I didn't buy those singles individually, I'm lapping this album up. I'm so loyal to this ho, starting from Sweet 19 Blues. I felt like we grew up together, hehe.

    Anyway, hope this goes to number 1. Maybe some of her fans (and the general public) where holding out buying the singles, and will end up buying this album.

    So sad for CK to release at the same time as the Queen. Her promo efforts will be over-ran by the Avex machinery. I still wish her well, though. If she continues to flop, her record label may cancel her contract, sigh.

    1. The saddest thing is that Namie won't promote this album heavily, but will still shit on Crystal's release. And she'll make Kumi and Ayu's last releases look like shit when she gets bigger first week sales with less promotion than what their albums both received.

      Crystal is at a better label and her singles thus far at Delicious deli have been on top form, but the obstacles she's facing to get sales are bigger than who she's signed to...

  5. Looks like Avex will be working Namie too. A video for every song, huh?

  6. I don't really think Namie's Album is going to sell all that magnificently.

    More than Kumi's and ayumi's sales combined is pushing it.

    And enough of "Only You" and it's Music Video has surfaced for me to know it's as Dusty as the desert scenery that it stole from ayumi's GUILTY photoshoot.

    It's going to have Namie handing over her own weave herself. No snatching involved.

    So that's one new track down and dusty, 3 more to go to save this Alb-I mean compilation.

    1. Well 500.000+ sales in Japan only, went number 1 in Singapor, Hong Kong and Taiwan also (still not sure about Korea, they said it did the same as Past<Future about ranking #1 in 5 countries)... The thing is YES! Uncontrolled has sold more than Japonesque and Party Queen TOGETHER!!

      And when solo artists in Japan are selling like if they all were indies and groups of gay bitches and hoes are running the charts, getting 500k+ with an album (Not single) is an acomplishment (misspelled)

  7. I can definitely foresee Namie's album outselling the combined sales of Ayu's and Kuu's recent flops. Ayu's album as of late has sold around 133,275* copies and Kuu's has sold around 149,451*. Do the math. So it's not out of the realm of possibility if you think about it realistically. That being said, I don't think this album will sell better than her last two albums though. That's a given.

    But yeah, the new song [Only You] is nothing to write home about and that seems to be the general consensus across the web. Which is surprising since most of Namie's fanbase accepts anything she puts out. And folks are saying that the tracklist is not finalized as was the case with "PAST<Future" when it was first announced. Regardless, I'm not purchasing this album since the singles were snoozefests.

  8. I love the picture. Ayu and Kumi pretty much naked, sums up how the skanks tried to sell sex...And I'm excited for the album!

  9. I've always been in love with this girl. She's the only one apart from Utada who can rip Ayu and Koda apart with her singles and stage presence (pun intended), although her music has been sounding a little stale lately.

    This is a common marketing mistake that AVEX makes and they need to re-think their single overkill strategy if they want full albums to sell well, not to mention they're overexposing their artists.

    The peak of Namie's career in the last few years for me was 60s 70s 80s. I really wish she'd produce new music with the same caliber. She shouldn't reproduce the sound on that single, though I'd like her to bring back the same creative vision that it boasted.

  10. I'm really dissapointed with her. Weak singles and only 4 new songs...Even Ayu released 11 new songs this year. So no excuse in the world for this woman to be lazy!

    And thanks InnerRise for sharing my opinion about Only You.

  11. There is no way this album won't sell more than Party Queen and Japonesque put together; but the track-list is boring as hell.

    Crystal Kay better prepare for a bigger flop than Spin the Music.

  12. Am I the only one that doesn't get the fascination with this bitch?

  13. @Joey

    no, you are not. it's just the nostalgia factor with her. she has had some really good songs years ago and if you were not a fan back than she won't get you interested in her now either.

    Amuro Namie a.k.a the biggest pop star with stage presence and talent below zero.

  14. Well tbh I'm not excited for this album at all like I was with "Past<Future" because like ?/J said the singles (minus "Yeah Oh") have been pretty boring and of course the video's have mostly been boringly budget like all (Sl)Avex vids of late.

    I do agree with @Anonymous though, Namie may not be the most charismatic performer or the best singer but when she's on form she drops some hot shit, her last propper album "Past<Future" was hot and she did go into a slump a while ago but then came back with new and old fans with her "Queen of Hip Hop" album and her album sales have been climbing ever since.

  15. i hope they change the track listing to include more new song s and take out some of the past singles :/. i beg for some hot new videos cuz the only vieo i liked was naked and yeah-oh (my crack)..
    all i know is kumi koda is stuffing down curry to get that baby out.hamasaki is ebaying to to speak de english for her next single.utada kicks back knowing wen she returns wegs will be snatch and raj sell will smach XX million

  16. @ Joey

    I can see where you are coming from. Once upon a time, Namie was one of those artists that I couldn't take seriously due to her trying to display a urban/street, and hip-hop image and (in my opinion) miserably failing at it. In a way I still can't take her seriously, but she does have a few hot ass songs.

    Her album "Past<Future" is the ONLY album of hers that I actually like. The rest of her discography I honestly don't care for.

  17. *Looks down the list* "She got rid of Higher!"
    *Looks a second time* "She got rid of Higher?!"
    *Looks three more times* "THIS HOE GOT RID OF HIGHER!!!!!!!!"

    Seriously, out of all the songs from those dreadful single releases, they get rid of "HIGHER", the only song that remotely made me appreciate Namie's current approach?!!!!! SMDH Those four out of nowhere songs better be THE shit, 'cause if they ARE shit, I may never support Namie's team again. I might even be forced to strike a motion that she jumps this now-whack label Avex and moves to Universal like half the J-pop world is doing. Namie, plz don't let me, us, down...

  18. What Mel said, that picture, can't see the picture without laughing and feeling guilty, dont wish baldness on her, her modeling hustle is how she gets the majority of her yen, that hoe is never ageing

  19. Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! and Fight Together shouldn't be there, i hope she changes the track list. I'm already sold, i'll buy it, since i never got break it/get myself back or go round/yeah-oh, is more than worth it for me, i already like that sample of Only You. The other 3 songs can be garbage, and they'll grow on me, that's the power this lady has over me.


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