Perfume drops it like it's hot on Music Japan. Nocchi strips live on stage.

Perfume perform "Spring of life" on Music Japan | Live performance

Perfume hit up Music Japan to perform their Spring smash "Spring of life". There was a crowd there and everything. But they were so dead that I wonder why they even bothered turning up. How can you not get a bit crunk to "Spring of life"!? These robohoes were all up in the sexy zone. They even drop it low and bring it up slow. NEXT LEVEL! If you listen really carefully you can even hear some live vocals. I think... Kind of... NEXT LEVEL!!

For the record: Nocchi's bracelet did not fall off. She threw that shit off herself, because she realized that wearing two when her back-up bitches only had one was unfair on them. That right there is consideration. You never saw Beyonce rolling like that back in Destiny's child. We've seen this girl throw off belts, now bracelets! Next? Bra's, panties and shoes. Skank ho tramp. I love her. And A-chan, I see you work dat leg. And Kashiyuka, you know that dress is short as hell. They all some skanks. I'm over "Spring of life" already. The lasting appeal of this song is non-existent. But I still check for these girls and look forward to their run of singles. Now if you'll excuse me, "I've not played "Glitter" in all of 30 minutes. *puts on blue silk robe and turns lights off*


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