Perfume pimp sweets with the "Spring of life" B-side "Communication"

Universal music are working these girls like Japanese Kunta-Kinte's. Kirin soft drinks have only just been stocked in vending machines and already these robohoes are pimping sweets. It of course comes with a commercial which see's Perfume working a routine in matching dresses, with a concept which reminds me a bit of "Spice". There are a few white people as extra's too, which I assume is to try and give Perfume a bit of global appeal. I wanna know where da n***a's at.

The song featured is "コミュニケーション" or "Communication", which is the B-side to "Spring of life". It sounds like some Nick Jr. themed bullshit. I don't like it. They can't come with "Spring of life" and then drop this on me. Unless Yasutaka can album mix the shit out of this song, I don't want it on no album.


  1. Loving this!

    So cute. Can't wait for the full.

  2. I dunno, I like it, but it sounds more like a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song, she's the stock cute song singer, Perfume should stick to more technoesque songs,

  3. It should have been "Point".

  4. Don't like this at all TBH... It's way too "Kawaii".

  5. lol, is the negativity in your posts real or is it just for comedy??


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