Kelly Rowland bows out of The X-Factor

Kelly Rowland's global commitments | Pop news

Kelly Rowland was set to return as a judge on the UK "talent" show The X-Factor, but she's decided not to, due to global commitments.
After much speculation, we can officially confirm today that Kelly Rowland has decided not to return as a judge again for this year’s UK X Factor” reads a statement from an X Factor spokesperson. “Global commitments coupled with the show’s increasing demands this year mean that, despite weeks of deliberation with the show, Kelly has not been able to agree a deal that fits into her autumn/winter schedule, so sadly cannot accept a place on the 2012 panel.
Unless home girl is planning to travel the world to offer aid to third world countries and mine field amputees, I don't know what global commitments this woman has. She ain't got no world tour. Won't ever have no world tour. And you'd have an easier time locating Schrödinger's cat than finding a country outside of the USA who bought copies of Here I am. A lot of people had some choice opinions on Kelly as a judge, but I liked her because she was credible. And when she wasn't shouting "ya'll", giving Tulisa side eye and ducking out of shows lying through her wig that she was ill when she was really shooting a music in video in Los Angeles, she was a good mentor.

Kelly McRowland a flop now, but she had a lucrative career and the woman can sing. I'd slap Tulisa, Dannii and Cheryl if they ever tried to tell me about my singing, but I wouldn't give side eye to Kelly, because the bitch can sing. You'd think Kelly would use The X-Factor as a platform for her flop solo career. But...ya know. 'Global comittments'. Shit. Blue Ivy has more global comittments than Kelly.

Amidst these 'global commitments', Kelly will be recording the follow up to Here I flop. She's booked time with Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, who I'd like to believe will give Kelly that fire. But after the utter shit her laced her with for Here I flop, I can't say I'm excited. Rodney's productions are too inconsistent and patchy now-a-days. His signature sound is based on everybody else's. I used to be able to trust this n***a's music, now I can't. Half of it is just plain awful.

Rumours are abound that Kylie Minogue's flop sister will return as a judge and that Kelly may have been bumped in favour of the Minogue sister who's still trying to make it. Louis Walsh is a dead cert for anything which involves him being in with a chance to get within grabbing distance of some young white willy. And Gary Barlow was always going to return as a judge. I like Gary Barlow. I'm still confused as to when he became sexy though. That shit blind sighted the hell outta me.


  1. 1. Kelly GURL... and J you killed me with "Blue Ivy has more global commitments than Kelly" lmao I can't believe Kelly didn't make XFactor work for her though, Cheryl managed to milk a whole solo career from it...

    2. Danni may be a flop and not a great singer but IMO she was the best judge. All the others were too busy licking Simon's ass or feuding/attention grabbing but Danni always gave good advice instead of the same "yooor reet oop mae street pet" shit Cheryl was giving while Simon was getting his make-up retouched and louis was having a wank under the desk as Jedward performed.

    3. EWWW Garry Barlow... he's such a Simon wannabe.


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