Kumi Kehovah to bring the good tidings in November for a Birthday tour

Kumi Kehovah's 2012 Birthday tour | J-Pop news

Rather than rest and look after her second coming of Christ when it floats out of her vagina in a beacon of light at the end of this year, Kumi Kehovah will tour. In celebration of her birthday on November 7th , Kumi will hit 4 cities and perform on 7 dates in what she calls Premium night ~Love & songs~. This tour will also mark the first time she performs at the prestigious Budokan; which is the one venue every Japanese artist dreams of playing at some stage in their career.

The set list for this tour will be decided by the fans, although you have to be a paying member of her fan club to be in with a chance to vote and get dem tickets. If fans want that good-good material, then they need to act like Japonesque was released by somebody else.

Kumi's music is as patchy as Kelly Rowland's scalp. But her live performances game is hella strong. She's one of few artists is often able to take an album song which was utter shit and somehow make it work live. Although I doubt any amount of pole dancing, p***y popping and fitted lace dresses can salvage much of the material on Ploponesque.

My pick of songs which I'd like to see Kumi Kehovah grace me with live would have to be:  "Real emotion" (Fake Yuna was giving it to me in dat Final Fantasy X-2 intro), "Be my baby" (muh jam), "Lay down" (Glo win the dark weaves), "Lick me" (F**king hit), "Driving" (muh Trick jam), "D.D.D" (the J-skank version of "Lady Marmalade", only better) and "You" (crack ballad). And I ain't talking about no sit on stool renditions, I'm talking LED screens lights, Mufasa weaves and a shower of sparks. I want to see a bitch ride a pink Cadillac on stage to "Driving" and pop her pussy in a nest of fluorescent lights to "Stay down".

What would be your top pick of songs to see Kumi perform live? And shall we take bests that Namie will announce a tour within the next 2 months and shut Kumi's shit down like an emergency fire screen?


  1. I can't with that damn picture! lol And J, I think you mean "Lay Down" instead of "Stay Down". But you've probably forgotten the names of most of the songs on Ploponesque.

    1. I won't use that excuse as a scape goat. It was down to plain old human error ;)

      Cheers for pointing it out. It's now been corrected!

  2. That picture is too damn much! I love it!

    But yeah, I would be satisfied if she sang a few songs from her "BEST~second session~" era like; "You", "No Regret", "Shake it up", "D.D.D." and "feel".

    I would also like for her to sing; "Star", "Puppy", "At the Weekend", "I Don't Love You", "Driving" and of course the epic "But".

  3. Yes. Fake Yuna in "Real Emotions." So nostalgic. English or Japanese.

    Supposedly, Kumi's english was so whack, they just refused to have her sing the English Version. I heard her English Version and I must say. Chaw-Pee.

    But yeah, "BUT" and "Get Up & Move" needs to be a part of the set. Also "Amai Wana", "Himitsu", "Under", and "Black Cherry."


    1. Kumi's English is some doo-doo.

      I've got her 'English' version of "Real emotion" and it's a mess. You can barely hear what she's singing. But it's her 'English' version of "1000 words" which is the hottest mess. She ♪ La la la ♪'s whole lines of the song, because she can't sing them in English, Engrish, anything! I might post it. Spread the wealth.

  4. LOL Kumi better get dat $$$ she got a husband, a baby and a 2nd hand wig industry to support. LOL you're right about Namie, I don't get why people actually wanna see her live though she always seems pretty boring in the clips I've seen.

    My tour song choices would be.

    Taboo, black cherry, Freaky, Ai no Uta, Physical Thing, Juicy, Candy, Pop Diva, Bee my Baby, Anata ga Shite... , No Way and probable more but I'll go on forever listing them lol

  5. an old KK fan3 May 2012 at 21:43

    I think everybody can vote for the 12 songs. Just go to the official KK site and vote. 2 songs per day.
    I voted for "one night romance", "rock your body", "without your love", and "into your heart" so far.

    My real hope is that she can release an "ETERNITY 2 ~Love & songs~" album before her birthday. So she can use the concert to promote the new album.

  6. I don't know if she'll be in the condition to pull off hoe shit like back in the day but I'd go for TABOO, DDD, Juicy - anything to pussy pop to.

    I can't expect her to go up to Budokan and not do a sappy repetitive ballad. Especially when there are so damn many that aren't half-bad. I'd be there for Pearl Moon, Yume No Uta, some from the Eternity album; even Suki De.

    Nothing from Japonesque that isn't Escalate, Lay Down, on the summer single, or All For You, which I didn't like but the recording was an unexpected surprise.

  7. juicy, driving, ddd, real emotion, taboo, candy, shake it and chase.

    from all the j-divas she is definitely the best live.

  8. I'm not concerned with the set list, as long as the baby is up there rocking stilletos and thrashing a weave then I'll be satisfied


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