Music video: MEG - Trap

I think I'm in love. Don't ask me why, but this shit reminded me of Ridge racer. Back when it was good and Reiko Nagase was running things. Not in its current 'whored out on the release day for every new gaming system that drops' state. No car. No Drum 'n bass. Yet...Ridge racer. Like I said. Please don't ask. I just do not know.

Having been primarily produced by Yasutaka Nakata of Capsule and Perfume fame for many years, MEG is now stepping out of his shadow. A bold move and one which I would NEVER urge Perfume to follow unless they fancy being broke flops manning the escalators at Fuji television HQ. But it's one which could pay off nicely for MEG if "Trap" is anything to go by. A sexily seductive song with production helmed by Shinichi Osawa - a name J-dance heads are no strangers to. I don't think Meg has anything to worry about. There isn't a single thing in the J-Pop charts or any chart at the moment which sounds like this. She put out a single which sounds like some leftover from the AmĂ©lie soundtrack and has won my hear. Kudos MEG. Kudos. I now love you. And Kylie Minogue is planning to rip you right the f**k off for her next album.

There isn't a much of a video to "Trap". It's just MEG spinning around, flicking her wig, rolling around in slow motion on the floor and looking a well dressed skank as she always has done. But it works. It suits the song and MEG looks hot, so I shalln't hate. I should call a sucker out for stamping the whole video with MEG. New Single. TRAP. 2012.6.13 ON Sale. But I think its a cool idea. Fans get the video and the message is there in your face as to when the single is out. And I'll take this over the 1 and a half minute previews Avex roll out for their artists any day of the week. Don't think I won't replace this embeddable video with a version which doesn't have the promotional schpeil stamped on it if I find one though. I'll copy and paste that shit like BoA.


  1. Oh, I like this song, quite a lot.

    I have to say, she would be an excellent jazz singer if she wasn't already one. The english parts were a bit iffy though.

    And lol, "There isn't a much of a video to "Trap". It's just MEG spinning around, flicking her wig, rolling around in slow motion on the floor and looking a well dressed skank as she always has done."

    Yeah pretty much.

    She reminds me of this other singer but uh, I can't remember her name.

  2. this has a very shibuya kei feel. great pick.

  3. I immediately thought of Shiina Ringo while listening to this song. This is definitely a song Shiina would of sung during her "Heisei Fuuzoku" and "Sanmon Gossip" eras. Meg's voice even sounds reminiscent of Shiina.

    Overall I adore this song and the sound suits her vocals very well. If her next album is molded around this "genre" I will gladly pick it up. Great post as always J. :)

  4. Damn, MEG pulls this Shiina Ringo shit off.

    I want more of this and less Nakata.

    The video is boring though, but with her sales I don't blame her label; hope a change in music remedies that.

    Released near mid June though?
    Gotta strike while the iron is hot, it needs an earlier release.

  5. I definitely hear 80's French pop in this song. If you check the MEG official channel the girl has been looking through French songs on her video feed.

  6. Yeah, this is nice - slinky almost, which isn't something you expect.

  7. Never herd of her before but the song is very Parisian sounding, I love it and the video gives me fashion shoot vibes and the writing on the video doesn't bother me at all, I'd much rather that than some 90 second clip like FLOPvex force us to endure.

    This is a whole other discussion but Japanese labels need to get with the times promotion wise, It's sad how they're stagnating in their outdated ways while K-Pop surpasses them internationally.


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