Namiengrish runs rampant on "Only you". Ayu gets jacked. Wigless.

Despite Namie's album not dropping until June, we may get one additional song and video drop before the album - "Only you". The song will be used as the theme of the UEFA 2012 games when it broadcasts on the WOWOW satellite channel in Japan. Thus explaining why the entire song is in Namiengrish.

I guess I should afwaid to say how vajable I am ♪

People have complained the song sounds like Bruno Mars (which it kinda does), but Namie's offering sounds better than anything that n***a has put out. I love how Namie sounds on the chorus and the lyrics are really sweet. Within the context of it being a football theme too, the sound kinda works. Even though I doubt the song was recorded with football in mind.

And to lose you is the one ping lat lie know I can subibe. Ze only sing dat can toorch me. Iz oooo

I like when Namie cuts back on the skanknicity and delivers these sweet little gems - something she's begun to do a fair bit since Past  Future with songs such as "My love" and more poignantly "The meaning of us". It's just a shame that "Tempest" and "Love story" were such stale pieces of onigiri.

The video looks like it'll be a rip off of Ayu's "Next level" without the car. Namie is just messing with a bitch now.


  1. You had me dying with Namiengrish. I am still crying, it is so true. And even namiserable knows that she is biting off bruno mars. but really what does it matter its Namie.

  2. LMAO... When I first saw this my thoughts were...

    1. Bruno Mars

    2. Lookin like she's trying to recreate Ayu's "Guilty" album cover in some desert and then throwing some "Next Level" in too lol

    3. The song is cute though...

  3. I have to say, her english here is pretty good. I don't have any troubles to understand what she is singing. Sure, it could be better, but Namie's english is much better then many other J-POP artists. And I'm glad that she is singing a song in full english! :)

    1. I agree. Jokes aside, you can clearly hear what she's singing. Her English is inconsistent though. Sometimes its perfect on songs and at other times it's flat out Namiengrish. It's strange.

      I thought her English was f**king bad ass on "Rock U". It sounded perfect. And the same goes for "Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!". But on other songs such as "Wild" and "Yeah-oh", it's dat gangsta Namiengrish. I love it either way though.

  4. This song gave me Bruno Mars the first time I heard it as well. And I hate to be the party pooper but I prefer Bruno Mars over this lackluster song any day of the damn week. Her English however, is on point. And yes, ayu's "Guilty" photobook cover also came to mind when I saw snippets of this new PV. I thought I was the only one who noticed that. :D

    I'm not purchasing her new album when it drops. Even if the other three unheard tracks are hot as hell, I don't give a damn. The other 10 songs were too underwhelming.

    1. "I'm not purchasing her new album when it drops. Even if the other three unheard tracks are hot as hell, I don't give a damn. The other 10 songs were too underwhelming"

      This may be the one thing which f**ks up her sales. Her singles post Checkmate! have been weak. Some of the weakest she's released in years. Her Queen of hip-pop, Play and Past < Future singles were SO on point. That her lacklustre singles this era really surprised me. I love "Yeah-oh" to death and I'm already sprung off "Only you". But I can't be buying an album for 2 songs I can cop on a download.


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