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AILI - Only you | Single review

Aili has been trying to be of relevance for years. Her club-lite banger single "Only you" won't help a damn thing. But it'll help her rack up another Chaku-uta download at the very least. Because you can never have too many of those.

Aili's shortcoming lies in how in-distinguishable her music is on the whole. Somebody could play you one of her songs and tell you it's by Jamosa, Sowelu or any of J-Pop's low tier bitches and you wouldn't question it nor contest it. Even if the song is good, which "Only you" is.

Every female who releases a song with a stuttered synth progression from this point forward is going to have their shit instantly compared to Rihanna and Calvin Harris' "We found love". Sometimes unfairly, but sometimes with founded reason. Sorry Aili, but your shit begs comparison from the offset.

"Only you" is much of what we've heard before. And to be fair on the woman and take complete credit away from Calvin and The Forehead; this sound was being run into the ground long before everybody in the West did it. Japan was on this shit back when Rihanna was awkwardly doing her best Beyoncé impression in the sand and telling n***a's to holla at her if it's lovin' that they want. So there's every chance that regardless of whether Forehead Fenty declared worldwide that she'd found love in some hole in Ireland, Aili would have dropped this song anyway.

"Only you" feels like it's lacking something where the verses are concerned. And the chorus feels like it could do with some extra oomph. F**k it. The song as a whole is lacking. You hear it and in your mind and your heart, you know this song is nothing special. But there is an allure about it. You keep playing it. You rock your head to it. And before you know it, you're hoping a ho catches a hit and that Avex give this woman a chance and let her release an album.

"Only you" is a bit of an under-produced mess, but I find it hard to leave it alone. And I've already played it more times than that Rihanna song.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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Only you | Digital single © 2012 Avex trax, Rhythm zone


  1. PLEASE LOOOOL!! You uploaded "Where The Wild Things Are" instead of "Only You", LOOL, J.


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