Big Bang's T.O.P models FUBU. Makes it look...aight

A clothing range long associated with hood rats and wannabe thug n***as now has a Korean dude who dyes his hair green, wears women's jewelery and helps G-Dragon pick out his weave pieces as it's ambassador. My. How the tables have turned and the times have changed. T.O.P's swagger is so on point and the dude is so ridiculously good looking that he can do what the f**k he likes.

The stigma attached to FUBU is too strong for me to ever take it seriously as a clothing brand I'd be caught wearing any time soon. Plus, it's always looked like shit. But it's cool the brand is being given a shot at re-branding itself. T.O.P isn't your typical FUBU wearer, but he's affiliated with the FUBU demographic in some capacity, so he could definitely help the transition. And the guy is so ridiculously good looking that he can wear anything and make it look good - as he did here. Still wouldn't wear this though.

Big Bang T.O.P's FUBU CF released @ allkpop


  1. Even the hood quit FUBU in like 2004 tho.

    1. My economics teacher was wearing FUBU the other day, so you know that shit has moved into Salvation Army's everywhere.

      Korea is just catching up.

  2. I actually was on the bus the other day and saw a man walking down the street with a FUBU jacket on, i did a double take and it reminded me of the FUBU basketball tops i'd jacked from my Dad like 10 years ago and then quietly replaced back in his house lmao...

    Seriously though... Top is so hot and has the most swag, If he and CL had a baby the world could not take it and Blue Ivy Carter would be bald.


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