Iconiq and Gackt are a couple. WTF!?

Iconiq's last ditch attempt at relevance
So it turns out that Iconiq and Gackt are dating, having been spotted showing PDA at a restaurant and waving for the paps to snap them a taxi.

This shit is about as real as Ayumi Hamasaki's lips. Iconiq has failed to be of relevance since she shaved her head bald. And Gackt has had gay rumours plague him since the beginning of time.

With Iconiq failing to re-ignite her career via Instagram and looking for ANYTHING to put her name back into the press and national public of Japan and Gackt looking for a ho desperate enough to be his beard, they are suddenly dating.

Expect Iconiq to release a new digital single real soon whilst people are talking about her and taking some form of interest in her which goes beyond hearting an Instagram of Alcohoniq's glass of wine.


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