Kirin slowly leaking Perfume's next album via TV commercials. Today's track? "Hurly burly".

We may get the whole of Perufme's next studio album leak via Kirin commercials at this rate.

The song in this canned piss commercial is "Hurly burly", which of course sounds like absolute crack. Kirin don't put that money down unless the song sounds like everything in 15 second sound bites. This commercial pretty much looks the same as the one which featured "Spring of life". But it's new Perfume, so who gives a f**k.

Perfume's walk is mean. Do not come for these hoes. Nocchi also got her shoe game upgraded. And I know Namie wants to send one of her gargoyle n***a's after Kashiyuka's hair with a pair of hedge clippers.


  1. Bitches have another commercial lined up by the way (Mango Kirin), and another not confirmed yet (Kiwi Kirin); but probably are doing it.

    That's two more songs.

    Their next album will be named "KIRIN"

  2. LMAO... I actually thought I'd hate the song because "Hurly Burly" sounds like some dumb K-Pop song (not all K-Pop songs are dumb btw) but this is Perfume so I should have known they wouldn't let me down, I was already just singing along to it lmao...
    The making of this ad looks so fun and you know I wanted to raid that food platter lmao... Bet this aint what it's like on an Avex ad shoot lmao


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